Adultery – dream interpretation

Through marriage, the covenant for life is made and eternal fidelity is sworn to before God in the registry office and/or in church. However, if one party is unfaithful and has sexual intercourse with a third person without his or her partner’s consent and cheats, adultery occurs. Adultery is not a punishable offense, but breach of trust often leads to divorce between the couple. Only a few couples manage to come to terms with such an event and, for example, seek professional support from a couples therapist.

However, one partner does not always find out about the other’s infidelity straight away, sometimes not for years. When the truth comes to light, it is usually all the more painful and the future mistrust is huge.

Dreaming of adultery in a dream does not mean that the partner in the waking world is or will actually be unfaithful. The dream image represents something else – you will find out what that is in the following article. But first we will introduce you to the most common dream situations in connection with adultery:

Dream symbol “adultery” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Dream interpretation adultery of the partner, from the man

If your partner cheats on you in your marriage, you will definitely wake up from such a dream feeling unsettled. But don’t worry, this dream image of “sex and cheating” in marriage rarely heralds real adultery in the waking world. Often the breach of trust in a dream refers to the dreamer himself: fears come to the fore. The dream may be worried about losing his partner. Fear of failure can arise, the feeling that you are no longer attractive enough for your long-term spouse. It helps to talk to your husband or wife about such fears.

Seeing adultery in a dream

If you dream of seeing someone else committing adultery, the dream image indicates envy. The dreamer should ask herself whether she grants other married couples their presumed, externalized happiness or not. If there are wishes and needs in your own marriage that remain unfulfilled, you should talk to your partner about them; If the conversation doesn’t help, a third trained party can usually provide good advice.

If the dreamer is not married in waking life, professional goals that have not yet been achieved may be behind the dream image.

Dream symbol “adultery” – the general interpretation

If adultery appears as a dream image, it can be an indication of that bad Conscience of the dreamer because he was unfaithful. Perhaps the desire for an affair or relationship also shows up in waking life. However, adultery can also be a symbol that the dreamer will have to struggle with dishonor and shame in the waking world.

If the dreamer feels guilty about adultery in the dream world, they often resign Failures in waking life. If the dreamer can resist temptation in his sleep, then he will lead his waking life virtuously and be successful in his projects.

If a man dreams that he is committing adultery in the dream world, then in the waking world he may face legal proceedings for something illegal act. Basically, the dream warns you to behave in a morally correct manner. In a woman’s dream, adultery or affair means that she will not get the affection of a particular man because her nature and that of the one she loves are too different.

Dream symbol “adultery” – the psychological interpretation

If adultery becomes an issue in the dream world, then the psychological dream interpretation interprets it as either Pipe dream or as nightmare. Emotionally and sexually unsatisfied people usually dream of adultery because behind it lies an urgent desire to change something in the current relationship.

Another interpretation approach interprets the dream image of disloyalty as a reference to the Wut and the fears that prevail in the psyche of the dreamer. Because feelings in the dream world are usually more honest than in waking life.

The mood and atmosphere in the dream are crucial for correct dream interpretation. It also needs to be clarified whether the dreamed sex while cheating is not an indication that the dreamer unfaithful to yourself has become. In this case, the spouses would reflect the different sides of the dreamer’s personality.

If other people in the dream world are affected by an affair and the dreamer is only a spectator, then this dream image is intended to warn you not to get involved foreign affairs to interfere, but rather to solve his own problems.

Dream symbol “adultery” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, adultery is seen as warning interpreted not to be unfaithful to oneself in order to be able to develop spiritually.

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