pinch – dream interpretation

Just a single moment of inattention is enough for us to have the unpleasant experience of how painful it can be to get a finger caught or crushed in the door or drawer. The pain shoots through our entire body in a matter of seconds, making it more likely that we’ve just severed our hand than just pinched part of it.

pinch - dream interpretation

What is usually mild can, however, in rare cases have serious consequences. For example, if a leg is pinched so badly in an accident that important blood vessels are no longer supplied, the worst case scenario is that the injured body part could be amputation.

Of course, it doesn’t always have to be dramatic when we pinch our hand, foot, skin or something else. Especially since we can usually quickly free ourselves from the painful situation. In the dream world, the dream image of “being trapped” can appear in very different contexts. The interpretation of the symbol is therefore very individual.

Dream symbol “pinch” – the general interpretation

Anyone who has to experience being trapped in the dream world should be made aware through this experience that they are also in the proverbial jam in reality. The dreamer is currently in quite a state difficulties tight and no matter how he twists or turns, there just doesn’t seem to be any release possible.

In order to interpret the dream symbol “pinched” individually, you have to take into account what you got stuck in. A pinched hand, for example, shows very clearly how incapacitated you sometimes feel. A jammed foot can indicate that others are preventing you from moving forward.

Be sure to pay attention to the circumstances surrounding the dream situation. Did someone else help you or did you have to try to get out of the predicament all on your own? If you have been left alone in this emergency, you should be careful. Don’t give up in real life Dares a. Promises made to you in this regard will not be kept. Then in the end you have to see how you get out of the dilemma.

Dream symbol “pinch” – the psychological interpretation

Basically, the dream image of “pinching” shows the dreaming person that they are doing something in waking life more careful must be on the way. This is especially true when it comes to other people’s assessments. Although it is a nice trait to trust other people unconditionally.

Sometimes you should honestly admit that some people deserve everything but unconditional trust.

If you don’t recognize this, you may still feel like you’ve pinched something. On a physical level, we may feel this in the stomach or spine, which feels like something is stuck and therefore can’t breathe properly.

Therefore, pay particular attention not only to your dreams, but also to the dream symbol “pinching”. Signalsthat your body sends out.

Dream symbol “pinch” – the spiritual interpretation

In the transcendent interpretation, the dream image of “clamping” can be a reference to one Blockade be in the energy flow.

The dreamer can try to solve this through acupuncture, breathing exercises or meditation so that the life energy can flow freely again.

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