Likeness – dream interpretation

A likeness is an almost exact image of a person and refers to the external appearance, i.e. the areas that make a person individually unmistakable. For example, you often hear in your own family that the daughter is the spitting image of the mother or the son is the spitting image of the father. Your own reflection is also an image – of the person looking in the mirror.

Likeness - dream interpretation

In the Old Testament, man is described as being in the image of God, meaning that we humans were made to resemble God. However, this image, i.e. this similarity, does not refer to the external, materially visible and physical part, but rather represents a spiritual, social and moral image of God in his creation.

What does it say about the dreamer if he possibly sees himself face to face in the dream?

Dream symbol “likeness” – the general interpretation

It certainly seems strange when you meet your own image in a dream. For the general interpretation of dreams, this can sometimes be an indication that the dreamer is very much concerned with himself. There is often a phase hidden behind this Reorientationwhich confronts those affected with questions about their own identity and place in the world.

Another possible interpretation when you look at your own image – be it in the mirror or in the form of another person – is this warning from your own immoral actions and intentions. Important decisions should also not be made in this current phase.

Dream symbol “likeness” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of the dream image “likeness” comes very close to the general interpretation. Here too, likenesses point to a large one Longing according to your own personality. If dreams of this type occur frequently, it can feel very stressful or even threatening for the dreamer.

In very rare cases, however, there can also be a real psychological problem behind it. But before you go to a doctor in a panic, please take your personal living environment into account and also note that there can be a variety of other interpretation approaches for the dream image of “likeness”. Only if other dream symbols that appeared in the dream have a very negative and frightening effect on you is it appropriate to take countermeasures.

The soul and our emotional world always seek expression in our dream experiences. Dream interpretation tries to give possible clues as to the direction in which an interpretation could go. In this context, however, the personal life situation of the dreamer is always important. The dream of the image can also ask you to take more care of yourself and yourself than before mental share take care of.

If you step outside of your personal perspective, completely new and perhaps positive aspects often emerge, giving us the opportunity to develop our own personality to rediscover and also to deal with unloved parts.

Dream symbol “likeness” – the spiritual interpretation

If you look at the dream symbol “image” from a spiritual perspective, it is not the body that is expressed in the reflection, but rather the true self. In Eastern philosophy, the body, mind and soul are viewed as merely a shell of the self.

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