Noise – dream interpretation

In reality as well as in dreams we can encounter a wide variety of noises. These can sometimes be very surprising or exciting, for example when you hear a loud bang that you weren’t expecting. But quiet noises, such as a whisper or a strange noise, can also be heard. Silence, on the other hand, can also be described as noiselessness.

However, a noise is often preceded by a certain action and you are already internally attuned to the respective noise. For example, the sight of a dog running towards us foreshadows the barking that will follow. If we hear a doorbell ringing with our ears, we may be expecting visitors in a dream. When you see a baby, you almost expect it to cry soon. If you stand on the surf of a sea, on a cliff or on the beach, you can hear the loud or very quiet, calm sound of the water, the wind and the waves.

What a noise means in a dream always depends on the respective dream situation and the other dream images. In the following text we would like to explain the most common dream sounds to you.

Dream symbol “noise” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, noises in dreams can have their origin in the real world. This means that the dream is still influenced by noises that can be found in the waking world during sleep. For example, the ticking of a real alarm clock or snoring can also occur in dreams.

However, if the trigger for the dream image “noises” cannot be traced back to an external influence, such dream content can be due to a strong Influenceability of the dreamer.

A loud noise in a dream can generally be a sign of conflicts and arguments in the family. The louder the noise is during sleep, the more serious they are Disputes in the waking world. Strange noises as dream symbols, such as typing on a typewriter, bring unpleasant news. If you are woken up by a noise, you should prepare yourself for a profound change.

If you hear a loud bang in a dream, you fear that you or others are too much Attention to attract. The sleeper wants to keep some areas of his life private and not reveal them to other people. Ringing or knocking as noise during sleep usually indicates excitement that awaits the dreamer in their private or professional areas. Rattling noises can warn you to pay more attention to your gut feeling, while smacking your lips in your sleep warns you of embarrassment.

Anyone who hears the rattling noises of a mowing machine or a motorcycle in a dream may be in a nervously tense state. This is something you should take a closer look at in the waking world. If the dreamer hears a deep hum while sleeping, for example that of a cockchafer or an engine, difficulties and problems may lie ahead.

A gentle rustling like from a radio or the sea indicates a time of peace as a dream image. The dreamer will be able to finally switch off and take a break.

Dream symbol “noise” – the psychological interpretation

Loud noises or roars, which appear as noise in dreams, usually refer to the psychological level of dream analysis psychological stress. These are often due to the sleeper’s inner restlessness and nervousness. Anyone who hears the sounds of a helicopter in their dream longs for independence or personal freedom in the waking world.

If echo noises occur while sleeping, the person affected should become aware that they are repressing certain events and thoughts in the real world. He should now deal with these and process them completely. A self-analysis can be helpful here.

The sound of loud thunder as a dream symbol refers to pent-up things negative feelings, which will soon push to the surface. You should therefore be careful.

A special type of dream noises are those caused by animals. For example, you can hear the trumpet of an elephant or the braying of a donkey while you sleep.

The buzzing of mosquitoes can also be perceived in dreams. The dreamer often receives a reference to his own through such animal noises life force. For an extended dream analysis, the aspects of the respective animal should also be taken into account.

Dream symbol “noise” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the symbol “noise” as an invitation to the dreamer attentive to be, because his spiritual knowledge can expand at any time.

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