Agate – dream interpretation

The name “Agate” is said to be derived from the river “Achates” in Sicily, on whose banks the first agates were found. However, in ancient times the name was used for minerals with very different colorful patterns.

Today it is believed that the agate was created from liquid silica drops that floated like oil on the surface of the liquid lava. As the lava cooled, crystalline layers formed, giving the agate quartz its typical appearance. For many centuries, agate, like onyx, has been one of the most popular decorative stones and the city of Idar-Oberstein in particular has achieved unrivaled perfection in the art of agate cutting. Agate content can also often be found in jasper stones.

Anyone who recognizes an agate in their dream world is usually no stranger to other gemstones. The dream interpretation is therefore closely related to the characteristic properties of agate.

Dream symbol “agate” – the general interpretation

The dream image “Agate” is a symbol of the general dream interpretation vanity. The dreamer strives for perfection always and everywhere. He likes to bask in the glow of other people’s admiration. However, appearances are deceptive. If he comes across someone who sees through his vain game, the perfect image he has created for himself will collapse like a house of cards in an instant.

However, agate is very diverse as a dream symbol. For example, dream interpreters see agate jewelry as an indication that the dreaming person is… Addiction to cleaning tends. If you wear an agate stone on a chain, you could make yourself the laughing stock of others in the waking world and suffer painful insults as a result.

A large, polished agate with its characteristic inner cavity promises material things to the dreamer abundance and a lucky hand when it comes to money matters.

However, if the gemstone is small and dark, distress is to be expected. However, it should be mentioned that agate, as a dream symbol, can always be associated with the emotions during the dream. So a small, dark stone can herald worrying times, but when it comes to pleasant feelings it can show that you will overcome them with ease.

Dream symbol “agate” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation, the agate as a dream image reveals to the dreamer what is going on with his life inner liveliness is ordered. If the agate that you see in a dream has a light core, this is to be understood as a sign of activity and mental willingness to perform. Very dark agates should therefore be interpreted in the opposite way and indicate a lack of motivation and the ability to concentrate.

From a dream interpreter’s point of view, anyone who wears an agate close to their body in their dream world lacks desire and passion in the sexual area. So who in the relationship life with erotic lull If someone is struggling, an agate as a future companion can possibly help them find new desire and rekindle the crackling fire of desire.

Dream symbol “agate” – the spiritual interpretation

For the transcendent dream interpretation, the image that the dreamer sees in an agate is the Key to the question of interpretation. If he doesn’t recognize anything, this can show him that the time is not yet ripe to continue on his spiritual path.

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