Fairground – dream interpretation

Depending on the region, a festival area can also be referred to as a fairground, exhibition center or shooting area. In general, such a place is a suitable place on flat ground for holding folk festivals or circus events. Single or recurring outdoor events, such as concerts or trade fairs, can also take place there.

The special thing about a festival site is that it is well equipped for the events and festivals that take place there. The offer should include, among other things, a powerful electricity connection for the rides, but also water pipes and a sufficient number of public toilets.

In order to avoid noise pollution, a certain distance from residential areas would be desirable, although this is usually not the case with traditional festival sites. Some examples of such festival sites or festival meadows are the Cannstatter Wasen in Stuttgart, the Heiligengeistfeld in Hamburg as the venue for the “Hamburg Cathedral” or the Munich Theresienwiese, where the Oktoberfest takes place every year.

Dream symbol “fairground” – the general interpretation

On the general level of dream analysis, the dream image “fairground” refers to the “fairground” when the dreamer is on one while sleeping contact to his happy or childish side. In this dream situation, the desire for such a connection can also emerge. Perhaps the sleeper is taking his life too seriously at the moment and is therefore longing for a certain childlike lightness.

The sight of many people at a fairground in a dream illustrates the longing of the person concerned Socializing and amusements. If the dreamer visits a fair or a fairground alone, he feels treated somewhat unlovingly in his waking life.

In this context, what you do at the fair can also be of interest for the general interpretation of dreams. Maybe you ride a Ferris wheel or a carousel? Or do you enjoy a quick ride on the roller coaster? Maybe you’d rather fly balloons with your companion? By including additional dream images, further insights into the message of the dream can be gained.

Dream symbol “fairground” – the psychological interpretation

Psychologically speaking, the dream image of the festival site can alert the dreamer to the fact that in the real world he has pleasure and Fun valued more highly than anything else in his life. However, this behavior can prove harmful to him in the long term and he should therefore think about it carefully.

Anyone who takes part in a carnival celebration at a fairground in their dream wishes to leave all the restrictions of their life behind them. If you are standing in the mud at an event on a fairground, you should focus on what is important in your life focus and don’t just think about pleasure.

If the dreamer has to clean up a festival area and pick up garbage in his dream, according to the psychological interpretation of the dream, it is urgently time to end his life arrange or to organize. Because if you only stick to fun and joy, you will sink into chaos in the long run.

Dream symbol “fairground” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the symbol “fairground” as a symbol for the ups and downs in the spiritual area, which are typical of life itself.

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