Descent – dream interpretation

If we descend somewhere, i.e. make our way down, we can do this, for example, with a ladder or stairs. The steps or steps give us a firm grip when climbing stairs and allow us to safely overcome differences in height. In normal everyday life, we constantly climb up or down stairs to get to other floors or rooms. Even climbing down a ladder is nothing special for many people. Unless you suffer from a fear of heights and the idea of ​​climbing down a ladder gives you wobbly knees.

We also refer to the way back into the valley after we have climbed up a mountain as descent. And this descent down the mountain is usually more difficult to manage than the climb to the summit. Anyone who is not used to going downhill needs help from a mountain guide.

However the dream image “descent” appears in our dream world, the possible interpretations are diverse. You should also always see them in connection with the rest of the dream content.

Dream symbol “descent” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation says that anyone who dreams of climbing down a ladder should take this as a warning. Threatening the dreaming financial losses and the good reputation is also at risk. If you remember being hesitant about going down the steps, you should pay particular attention to your gut feeling in your waking life. Anyone who feels unwell here usually already has the right thing Gut feeling and can recognize dangerous situations in advance and possibly avoid them.

Furthermore, descending a staircase, for example into an underground vault, can mean to the dreamer that a complicated matter will soon become easier. Where there is currently no solution in sight, new ways open.

For a professional matter, this can mean that conditions at work will improve or that favorable prices can be expected in business negotiations.

If the dream image “descent” refers to a mountain from which you see yourself descending in the dream, this means for the dream researchers that you have now achieved a set life goal and it quieter times goes towards.

Sometimes the descent from a high mountain, perhaps over a mountain pass, can also represent a request to the dreamer to stop his behavior. It is possible that he appears arrogant at times – that can happen to anyone. However, other people usually appreciate this characteristic less.

Dream symbol “descent” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, a descent is always to be understood as an indication that certain problems can only be solved by dealing with past issues or traumas.

What is also important for the exact interpretation is how one perceived the manner of the descent. Anyone who runs hurriedly and hastily down stairs or hills may find themselves sitting cross-border behavior in the neck. And the fear of consequences recommends retreating as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, if you take your time on your descent and calmly put one step in front of the other, you can appreciate yourself for what you have achieved. Now that the effort is over, you can enjoy your time to the fullest.

Anyone who avoids a strenuous descent and uses a cable car or another convenient way to change levels in their dreams has realized that they can do so without much effort Goals can achieve in life.

Dream symbol “descent” – the spiritual interpretation

For the spiritual interpretation of dream interpretation, the dream image “descent” symbolizes this Pursuit of wisdom. In order to achieve this comprehensively, it is sometimes necessary to descend into the underworld and contact the dark side of the spiritual world.

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