Invitation – dream interpretation

In the past, invitations were often made in writing – by letter or card. However, it could also, usually additionally, be carried out verbally by a messenger. Depending on the occasion, a lot of emphasis was placed on the paper and the font or the design.

Invitation - dream interpretation

Nowadays, invitations are often sent via email, SMS, messenger services or even social networks because this is quick and easy. However, depending on the occasion, the special nature of an invitation is sometimes lost.

For dream interpretation, it is therefore of interest, on the one hand, in what form the invitation took place during sleep. On the other hand, the reason for the invitation should also be considered more closely. From this, further conclusions can be drawn about the message of the dream.

So was it an invitation to the cinema, to the museum, to the theater, to a housewarming or to a meal or a date? Maybe you were invited to a poker game? If you have children, you may also dream of being invited to a school event.

Dream symbol “invitation” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation interprets an invitation in a dream primarily as a sign to the sleeping person that everything is happening in a particular matter develop favorably becomes. If the dreamer receives a letter of invitation to a celebration, such as a wedding or a birthday, or to a public event, such as a concert or a reception, while sleeping, he will soon take part in a celebration in the waking world.

If you are invited to visit in a dream, you should be prepared for bad news in your waking life. If the dreamer goes to an invitation or to what he was invited to, he will soon have one Surprise before. Whether this will be pleasant or unpleasant can be seen from the circumstances surrounding this dream situation.

If the sleeper invites friends or acquaintances to his house in a dream, generally speaking, he will be invited in the real world in the near future unpleasant experience have what will cause him worry and excitement. Anyone who sends written invitation cards in their dream longs to expand their circle of acquaintances.

If a woman receives an invitation to a party in a dream, perhaps in a ski hut, you should be careful in the waking world. Although you can look forward to pleasant things, they will not inevitably happen. Often the opposite is the case.

According to general dream analysis, a court summons or summons in a dream can indicate an unlawful one persecution indicate in waking life. As a dream symbol, an invitation to an anniversary often brings with it participation in a pleasant event. Anyone who is invited to a topping-out ceremony in their sleep is often faced with changes.

Dream symbol “invitation” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the invitation in the dream primarily symbolizes the feeling of lonliness. The dreamer cannot free himself from this isolation by his own strength. Therefore, he hopes that someone else will contact him in waking life.

The dream symbol “invitation” can also be used as warning be understood to no longer stay away from other people. The sleeper should become active himself, approach the people around him and not wait any longer.

If the dreamer receives an invitation in his dream, he has won the respect and attention of others for his commitment. If the sleeper agrees to come as a guest to an invitation, this can be the case Sense of belonging point to a specific group in the waking world. Rejecting an invitation as a dream image can potentially bring with it difficult experiences.

Dream symbol “invitation” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the symbol “invitation” refers to the Expectation of the dreamer that his spiritual interior is now ready for the outside world.

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