fencing | What does the dream of fencing mean?

Fencing has been an Olympic discipline since its inception. A distinction is made between fencing with the sword, the foil and the saber. What may seem quite easy and light-hearted to the layperson can actually only be achieved through hard and persistent training.

The movement of arms and legs must be perfectly coordinated. Without fitness you will quickly reach your limits in this sport. Even if a fight during a competition lasts “only” three minutes, the athlete is under high tension during this time and needs maximum concentration.

But fencing is not only known to us from sport. “Zorro” or “The Three Musketeers” are probably the most famous film characters from numerous cloak and dagger films. Maybe you recently watched such an adventure film and are now the fencing hero in your dream world? Or could there be something completely different behind it when you dream of the dream symbol “fencing”?

Dream symbol “fencing” – the general interpretation

For general dream interpretation, the dream image “fencing” often has negative symbolism. Fencing embodies one confrontation, which will come to the dreaming in the near future. Dealing with conflicts is always part of our everyday lives, but we can also learn from these often difficult situations and grow from them.

For the dreamer, however, there is a risk of fencing when dreaming escalation. Dream interpretation therefore advises against overly impulsive reactions. Sometimes delicate situations just require a little diplomacy to take the wind out of the other person’s sails and smooth things over again.

If the dreaming person is the one who takes up the sword, it will soon happen adventure announce for them. This will challenge you in a very special way. The best weapon she has at her disposal in this challenge is her own mind. This is razor-sharp and the perfect ally if you know how to use it correctly.

Watching two people fencing can also indicate that you will have a falling out with good friends. This can subsequently mean a final break in the friendship.

Dream symbol “fencing” – the psychological interpretation

According to psychological dream interpreters, it often happens during a dream about fencing that you yourself are injured by your opponent’s weapon.

The dreamer should therefore go through life with particular attention in the near future, as this dream situation is approaching bad luck can announce. However, this does not have to be accompanied by a visible physical injury. Often, blows of fate or events throw us off track psychologically far more than a physical injury.

Fencing in a dream can also be an expression of hidden things feelings of revenge be. You may have been treated unfairly or disrespected or hurt in other ways by others.

If the dreamer fences and fends off the attack with a parade, his subconscious rebels and seeks revenge. However, whether this offensive path is the right one should be carefully considered.

If you defeat your opponent, you are usually on the same level in reality Winning side and knows how to defend himself against hostile people.

Dream symbol “fencing” – the spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual context, the dream image is “fencing” as warning note to understand. The weapons used for this always represent one spiritual power which must be dealt with consciously.

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