Elevator – dream interpretation

You can climb stairs to reach a higher floor of a building – but it’s quicker to take the elevator. However, such a cabin can also bring passengers back down. An elevator can be older and creak slightly when moving or chic and modern with lots of glass and stainless steel. A glass elevator that runs on the outside of the house facade has the advantage that you can enjoy a beautiful view while driving – but some people also feel uneasy in the elevator due to their fear of heights.

Escalators or an elevator are dream images that radiate dynamism and appear quite often. So it is no coincidence if the dreamer uses them in the dream world. When interpreting dreams correctly, the direction of travel is particularly important. Is the journey up or down? A hint of the future can often be seen here.

Dream symbol “elevator” – the general interpretation

If the dreamer takes the elevator in the dream world, then he wants to go up in waking life. He wants Career do and move upwards socially. If the dream is currently dealing with solving problems and difficulties, then the elevator in the dream symbolizes the intention of wanting to solve these matters quickly. However, the dreamer does not want to exert himself very much, because he is taking the elevator and not laboriously climbing the stairs.

A dream can be interpreted positively if the elevator goes up. In this case, the dreamer also becomes his personal one in the waking world Ascension create. However, this ascent only takes place in waking life with strangers Help clap.

If the elevator goes down, then this dream image is to be interpreted rather negatively. The dreamer cannot fulfill the expectations placed on him. If the elevator stops in the basement, then there is still something obscure in the dreamer’s life that should definitely be explored.

If the elevator appears as a dream image, then dream research always interprets it as a wish for a career and social advancement. If the dreamer does not drive in it himself and only sees it, then this wish remains unfulfilled. If he sees himself riding in the elevator, he resigns Trost at. If the dreamer operates the elevator in the dream world, then in waking life he will take care of socially disadvantaged people.

Dream symbol “elevator” – the psychological interpretation

If the elevator moves downwards in the dream world, then the psychological dream interpretation interprets this dream image as a sign that the dreamer is dealing with his subconscious. He then symbolically takes the elevator to the depths of his subconscious.

Using the elevator in a dream is always an indication that the dreamer is dependent on the help of others in his mental development and on his life path. Because without this outside help the elevator would not move. It looks different when the dreamer uses the stairs in the dream world.

If the elevator ride is fast and almost weightless, then this dream image is also one warning from overestimation of oneself and unrealistic wishes. This also applies if you dream of an elevator crashing. A broken elevator that gets stuck or crashes indicates a change in the dreamer’s life. This change comes unexpectedly and without announcement.

If there are other problems while riding in the elevator, dream research sees this as an indication of problems in personality development. Sometimes feelings of being less worthy than others can be behind expressing themselves in this way. Fears about the future usually show up through a downward journey, which is unpleasant for the dreamer.

Dream symbol “elevator” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the elevator ride in the dream world is a symbol of both Highlights as well as for the Low points interpreted in life.

If the dreamed elevator is on its way up, then the dreamer is on the way to his spirituality. However, if he gets stuck, then there will also be stagnations in his spiritual development.

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