Color palette – dream interpretation

In painting, the term color palette refers to a board that has a thumb hole and is used to mix colors for painting. Nowadays a palette is usually made of polished wood, sometimes porcelain or metal.

Color palette - dream interpretation

Size and weight also often play an important role when selecting materials. After all, the artist holds the palette in his hand, supported by his thumb.

A color palette is mainly used when painting with oil paints. This palette is also often used when painting on an easel.

Dream symbol “color palette” – the general interpretation

Within the general interpretation of dreams, the dream of a color palette symbolizes numerous ideas for waking life. The dreamer has many ideaswhich he would like to realize on his future life path.

The color palette as a dream symbol can also be an idealized one Future image illustrate. In the dream, the sleeper imagines his life the way he wants it to be in the real world.

A palette without colors in a dream indicates that the person concerned is running out of ideas in the waking world. At the moment, the dreamer has no idea what will happen next in his life. This dream therefore also contains the requestto think about your future and set goals.

If you only see one color or a range of colors on a color palette in a dream, you should become aware that your waking life is characterized by a strong monotony or boredom is marked. The person affected should therefore try to bring more variety back into their life.

The general dream interpretation interprets the mixing or mixing of colors on a color palette or using a color table as a sign of Success in business matters. However, if the colors in the dream are watercolors, some risks must first be eliminated for this success.

When interpreting the dream symbol “color palette,” the colors that appear in the dream also play an important role. The aspects of this dream symbol should therefore also be taken into account. In addition, other painting utensils in the dream can also be interesting for interpretation.

Dream symbol “color palette” – the psychological interpretation

Psychological dream analysis sees the dream image “color palette” as an indication to the dreamer to deal with his creative talents to deal with. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about a painting talent; rather, such a dream concerns the wide field of artistic talents. Because these abilities should be discovered or promoted more by the dreamer.

If you see yourself as an artist handling a color palette in a dream, this can also represent a change in the present living conditions show. The sleeper should think about his current life situation and make changes if necessary.

A color palette with dried colors in a dream can illustrate that you still have some Obstacles or difficulties must be overcome before one can be successful.

Dream symbol “color palette” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream image of the color palette, viewed from a transcendent point of view, can ask the dreamer to change his Future to design according to his wishes. But he should do his thing spiritual insights Don’t forget, but use it purposefully.

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