Advent calendar – dream interpretation

Long before the Christmas season approaches, you can see them in the shops – Advent calendars. In all colors, shapes and sizes. Traditionally only filled with chocolate for the children, today the 24 doors hide toys, raffle tickets, the finest chocolates, but also tea, liqueurs and cosmetic gifts, waiting to bring a sparkle into the eyes of the person who opens the door.

✨ Advent calendar - dream interpretation

Originally, the Advent calendar, as it was invented in Munich a good 100 years ago, only contained little pictures that the children could cut out and stick on, thus shortening the waiting time until the festival.

Advent calendars with sweet treats only appeared almost half a century later, in the 1950s,

what was once intended for impatiently waiting children now also makes many adults beam with joy.

Dream symbol “Advent calendar” – the general interpretation

Similar to the dream symbol of the calendar, the dream image “Advent calendar” also announces something to be expected Surprisehowever, in contrast to the normal calendar, this can be quite positive and bring joy and happiness to the dreamer’s life.

Just as the Advent calendar evokes a joyful feeling in our everyday life before Christmas when we are allowed to open a little door every day, it also, as a symbol of our dream, heralds good times. For the exact interpretation of dreams, the content of the Advent calendar can be important.

Is it filled with chocolate or even something that wouldn’t normally belong in it? Try to remember all the dream details and include the relevant things as dream symbols in the dream interpretation.

Just as the word “Advent” means “arrival”, the Advent calendar also embodies a kind New beginning. You may be starting a new relationship, planning to move, or considering a job change. All of this can be related to a new beginning and can be expressed through an Advent calendar appearing in a dream.

Dream symbol “Advent calendar” – the psychological interpretation

According to psychological dream interpretation, anyone who sees themselves standing in front of an Advent calendar in a dream should ask themselves which one expectations and hopes he carries within himself.

Do you remember the feeling during the dream? How did it feel to stand in front of the Advent calendar and wait to open it? Were you full of joyful anticipation or was there something like restlessness and uncertainty in your feelings?

Such and similar dream situations can be an indication that a development in the dreamer’s life is not yet clearly visible to him and he does not know in which direction the path will lead.

The dream of an Advent calendar may also have something to do with nostalgia Memories of times gone by and you unconsciously long for the old, carefree days of childhood, when you could take a piece of chocolate out of the door every morning before school and know that Christmas was now one day closer.

Dream symbol “Advent calendar” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation of the dream symbol “Advent calendar”, it symbolizes the Time of our physical life, which with the physical end passes into a new level of consciousness in which the soul expects eternal life.

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