hunted – dream interpretation

Moss and pine needles muffle the sound of your rushed footsteps, branches whip in your face, somewhere behind you there is a cracking in the undergrowth – being hunted is a classic nightmare. It can happen in a forest, where you’re just going out happily with others and suddenly you’re the prey yourself. You can also see yourself in a dream as a hunter who is waiting for wild animals such as deer, wild boars, foxes or hares on a high stand at the edge of the forest.

Or the chase leads through the city, zigzagging between squealing brakes and too many people standing in our way and looking after us in confusion. Sometimes such a chase goes across national borders, like in an action film or thriller we might be driving a getaway vehicle while unknown pursuers are hot on our heels.

What such dreams have in common – in which we are being hunted or hunting ourselves – is that almost everyone has dreamed them at some point and that they say much more about the psyche than about an actual persecution situation…

Dream symbol “hunted” – the general interpretation

Anyone who becomes the victim of a chase in a dream is very likely to be involved Stress or time pressure in everyday life. He rushes from appointment to appointment without resting in between. Professional stress and pressure to perform are often reflected in such dreams.

The feeling of being hunted and on the run can also relate to your partner. The dreamer feels under Pressure placed and cornered like animals on a hunt. Often this is due to fear of commitment or fear of commitment sexuality back.

If the dreamer can remember who chased him in the dream, the pursuer – there can be several – usually clearly points to the cause of the stress. In some cases, however, the dream symbol also represents unfounded ones fears. The dreamer feels like he is being persecuted or running away from his own feelings.

If the dream actually expects to take part in the hunt as a hunter and then suddenly his or her own life is in danger, the dream represents one warning He may currently be surrounding himself with rather dubious people whom he should not trust lightly.

If you are chased through a lynch mob in a dream, you should often become aware that there are people close to you who want to see you on the ground. The chase by a larger group of people also often causes Feelings of guilt symbolized.

If it is the other way around and the sleeper follows someone or something through the dream world, the hunter wants to create a balance. Maybe that’s what’s coming up bad conscience and the dreamer wants nothing more than to reconcile with a particular person. The time has come to say sorry.

If you are on a safari in the dream and are hunting wild animals, the type of animal is crucial for the dream analysis. Predators or dangerous monkeys refer to problems caused by their own anmalism shoots can arise, such as an excessive sex drive or aggression.

Dream symbol “hunted” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, the dream symbol “hunted” refers to a fear that, in extreme cases, can lead to one Paranoia can increase. The dreamer may also believe that he is being hunted in waking life or is suspicious of his surroundings.

Such nightmares are often behind them emotions or tensions that the dreamer suppresses instead of processing them. He doesn’t want to deal with his fear and literally tries to run away from it in his sleep.

Another possible interpretation is that relationship level It is not uncommon for dreams in which the dreamer is being chased to be due to fear of intimacy or a conflict with one’s own sexuality. This is even more true if the dreamer sees himself as an animal that is to be hunted down by hunters.

Last but not least, the dream symbol “hunted” can indicate an exhausted or overworked psyche and be a warning that the dream is urgent Pause needed.

Dream symbol “hunted” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritually, a dream in which the sleeper is being chased indicates a part of him that he sacrifice must in order to continue his spiritual journey.

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