Homesickness – dream interpretation

Homesickness refers to the longing for the place where one feels at home. The opposite of this is wanderlust. In both cases you have an insatiable desire to be somewhere you are not. And in both cases this other place is seen as the only one where one can be happy. In particular, sailors and soldiers who spend long periods fighting at the front and cannot go home often suffer from homesickness.

In the 17th century, homesickness was first described as an illness by a Swiss doctor. It can have serious health consequences such as fever and weight loss. Children in particular who are away from home for a long period of time for the first time often suffer greatly from homesickness.

If you dream of being homesick, you may not initially know what you are longing for. It’s probably an indefinable feeling that suddenly comes over him in his dream. The dreamer’s satisfaction with his current situation in real life is an important factor for the dream interpretation of this dream symbol.

Dream symbol “homesickness” – the general interpretation

On the one hand, the dream symbol “homesickness” can reflect the longing for the familiar, for customs and customs that have been familiar to you for a long time.

In addition, in dream interpretation it can also be an expression of disappointed expectations to the feelings of another person. Perhaps the bond is not as close as the dreamer wanted it to be, and now he longs for his idea of ​​love in the dream.

In popular dream interpretation, the dream symbol “homesickness” sometimes also represents missed opportunities, for example in relation to long journeys and special visits, but also sadness and despair. Pay attention to the feelings you felt in the dream and the other dream symbols.

Dream symbol “homesickness” – the psychological interpretation

If you feel homesick in a dream, you should ask yourself whether you have perhaps lost something in real life that seems irreplaceable and the absence of which is now causing you pain.

Sometimes the dream symbol in dream interpretation indicates that the partner in a new relationship does not fulfill the hopes placed in him. The dreamer then experiences his dream in real life repressed feelings as homesickness for the person who has passed away.

He should then check whether it is not less the new girlfriend or boyfriend but rather his own emotions that are causing this desire. Perhaps the time simply wasn’t ripe for a new emotional bond.

Dream symbol “homesickness” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, the dream symbol “homesickness” is a symbol of the dreamer’s impatient search for his spiritual self. In dream interpretation, homesickness in the dream corresponds to the strong real desire to finally find oneself find and start the “way home”.

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