Genitals – dream interpretation

The genitals are the sexual organs in living beings that are used for reproduction and sexual satisfaction. The so-called “primary sexual characteristics” in humans are the vulva, vagina, uterus (womb) and ovaries, penis, testes and epididymis, and sperm ducts. These organs have been present since birth, but sexual maturity only develops at a certain stage of development in humans and in many animal species. In humans, this happens during puberty.

Now the question arises: Why do you dream of genitals of all things? When interpreting a dream, you should pay attention to as many details as possible.

So think about which dream symbols could be recognized in connection with the sexual organs. Did you recognize people or places? In which dream situation did the organs play a role? Find out everything you need to know about the importance of genitals in the following text:

Dream symbol “genitals” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “genitals” is primarily seen as the life force of the dreamer interpreted. The dream wants to encourage the dreamer to think about their vitality. He should ask himself whether he is dividing these up sensibly and how much life energy he actually has.

In addition to this interpretation, the general dream interpretation also interprets the genitals in the dream as a sign of the sexuality of the dreamer. Especially when the dreamer dreams of his own genitals, he creates a connection to his own sexuality in the dream.

If the dreamer sees himself with mutilated genitals in the dream, this is, according to general dream interpretation, a sign of past or present abuse.

If men dream of genitals while sleeping and there is no clear sexual reference, the dream symbol can symbolize the general condition of the dreamer. In a woman’s dream, however, the dream symbol “genitals” points to menstruation, i.e. the beginning of the period, or the desire for one pregnancy hin.

In general dream interpretation, the sight of male or female genitals in a dream, especially sick or disfigured ones, can show the dreamer that he will soon be in… temptation to be led. A scandalous and adulterous affair is also possible. The dreamer should think very carefully about whether he wants to get involved. Because if he enters into this relationship, it will be very stormy and chaotic and will almost destroy him. The public presentation of one’s own genitals in a dream indicates the tarnishing of one’s own reputation in the waking world.

If the showing of genitals is a theme in the dream as a result of sexual harassment, this dream situation indicates a feeling of shame on the part of the dreamer. The person experiences sexual desires in their sleep that they would not dare to experience in the waking world – such as public sex and obscene acts.

Dream symbol “genitals” – the psychological interpretation

Psychologically speaking, the dream symbol “genitals” has something to do with it symbolic ambiguity along. Even if the genitals in the dream are clearly related to lust, according to Sigmund Freud it is more about “the detachment of sexuality from the genitals.” This means that even if it clearly looks like the dreamer only has a sexual intention in mind, in reality he is actually just looking for true love.

If the dreamer sees the genitals of another person in the dream, the psychological interpretation of the dream interprets this as one sexual connection to this person. This relationship can already exist or be a wish of the dreamer.

The dream of the genitals of the opposite sex symbolizes that the dreamer should concern himself with his own opposite-sex side. His anima or animus appeared to him in the dream, so to speak.

Furthermore, the dream symbol “genitals” is also a sign of the life force of the dreamer in psychological dream interpretation. In order to find out what this is like, the dreamer should consider further details of his dream.

Dream symbol “genitals” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the genitals in the dream symbolize the spiritual part of the Life energy of the dreamer.

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