Falcon – dream interpretation

The falcon, like the hawk, is a bird of prey that can usually be recognized by its long tail and pointed wings. It is represented almost worldwide and is differentiated into 39 species.

The falcon often played an important role in mythology. The ancient Egyptians associated this bird with the Pharaoh, but various deities also had a falcon-like shape. In Norse mythology, the goddess Freya had a falcon’s robe, which enabled her to fly like a falcon.

The Celts saw the falcon as a connection and transmitter between this world and the afterlife, while Slavic mythology associated the falcon with the sun and light. There he was also the bird of warriors because of his courage, his speed and his sharp eyes. And when the heroes in Russian fairy tales faced difficult tasks, they often transformed themselves into falcons in order to overcome these challenges.

Dream symbol “falcon” – the general interpretation

The falcon is often a dream image warning to the dreamer. It is an indication that the dreamer has hostile people around him in the waking world Them and harbor resentment towards him. If the falcon appears in a young woman’s dream, the bird of prey sometimes heralds slander from a rival.

But there are also positive interpretations of the falcon in the dream world. Traditionally, seeing the dream animal announces Hunting luck at. Of course, very few people go hunting these days; Applied to the modern world, the dream falcon promises success in the pursuit of goals. You hit the jackpot in what you do. The dreamed falcon can also be a sign that the dreamer can finally free themselves from constraints and restrictions in real life.

The spirit animal often comes flying towards the dreamer in the dream world when he something important should recognize in reality. To understand this better, one should take a higher viewpoint and try to evaluate one’s own actions and decisions neutrally. The falcon in the dream may open the dreamer’s eyes.

If the falcon sits quietly next to the sleeper in the dream, the omens are also positive: because the bird gives a lot Kraft. Strength that the dreamer will need to take advantage of opportunities in life and perhaps to take completely new paths. You can count on support.

Dream symbol “falcon” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the falcon is interpreted very differently. It is a symbol of power and the Freedomthat arises from this. Farsightedness is also symbolized by the falcon in the dream.

On the other hand, the falcon can represent an opponent that the dreamer has in waking life. In this case, the dreamed falcon often has similarities to a person the dreamer already knows.

If the falcon in the dream world is a trained and trained animal, then the falcon often symbolizes it concentrated energy, which is to be used for a specific project. This dream image addresses the hopes, wishes and goals that the dreamer has in the waking world.

If the dreamed falcon swoops down on its prey, then it shows up here request of the subconscious to the dreamer to finally become active in something.

If the dreamer sees the falcon circling in the sky, this means that the dreamer should realize his high ideals in life.

Dream symbol “falcon” – the spiritual interpretation

If the falcon appears as a dream image, then the spiritual dream interpretation interprets it as a sign of a strong one Desire for freedom and the elevation of the dreamer.

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