Awl – dream interpretation

An awl is a traditional tool, sometimes called a place or awl. It is used to poke holes in different materials or to widen existing holes. Nowadays the awl is a pointed metal pin.

Awl - dream interpretation

In the past it was often made from bones. The awl can have a straight shape, but can also be sickle-shaped.

The awl is particularly often used for leather processing and people in the Stone Age already used it to make their clothing from fur.

Old tools like the awl often play an important role in dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “Awl” – the general interpretation

The awl is considered one of the oldest tools that humans created themselves. It also has a long history in dream interpretation. If the awl appears in the dream world, it should definitely be taken into account when analyzing the dream. If the dreamer sees an awl in his sleep, then gossip and gossip are announced Shipping company in his environment. Are also common Trouble and Care for associated with this dream image.

According to dream research, the interpretation is much more positive when the dreamer works with the awl themselves. This suggests his diligence in the waking world and heralds growth prosperity but does not require excessive effort.

Caution is advised if the dreamer injures himself with the awl while sleeping. This dream image announces big expenses at. If the dreamer hurts himself so badly that his blood even flows, then this is interpreted as an indication that there will be arguments with family members.

Dream symbol “Awl” – the psychological interpretation

The shoemaker’s traditional tool is also used for repairs, according to the psychological dream interpretation. However, in the dream, the awl is not used to mend a shoe, but rather one mental problem, which can only be repaired superficially. But it is enough that the dreamer can at least continue on the path of life for the time being.

If the awl appears in the dream world, it can be temporarily helpful and solve difficulties. However, the fundamental cause of the problems still needs to be addressed.

If the dreamer tries to repair something with the awl while sleeping and injures himself, then psychological dream research interprets this dream image as a symbol of something to come Loss. Most of the time, however, this is just a kind of mental oppression that can be overcome.

Dream symbol “Awl” – the spiritual interpretation

The awl is used in spiritual dream interpretation as a symbol for Down-to-earthness and Tradition interpreted.

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