Lizard – dream interpretation

Lizards belong to one of the four suborders of scaly reptiles. Unlike snakes, they have fully developed limbs and their body surface is covered by several rows of narrow scales.

Lizards emerged from a group of amphibians around 300 million years ago. In contrast to amphibians, this species of reptile was well equipped for life on land and therefore no longer had to rely on life in water. Over the course of millions of years, the lizards have repeatedly adapted to their living environment and therefore, depending on the species, inhabit both water and land. Lizards, such as the iguana or monitor lizard, prefer tropical climates; hot temperatures don’t bother them much due to their excellent body functions. Nevertheless, there are some species of lizards here too, in more temperate climate zones.

Lizard - dream interpretation

What is particularly noticeable about lizards is their relatively long tail. Some species of lizards lose this when in danger and the violently twitching tail distracts opponents while the lizard can get to safety. But nature had something in mind, because the tail itself grows back after a while. As with the slowworm, which also belongs to the lizards and not, as is often assumed, to the snakes.

What does it mean if you met a lizard in a dream? Or even a giant lizard the size of a dinosaur?

It can happen that the dreamer encounters a lizard person at night: a mixture of half human, half lizard. This is a very special dream, the meaning of which you can read in our article “Lizard Man”.

The following text deals with the animal in the dream:

Dream symbol “lizard” – the general interpretation

From the perspective of general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “lizard” is interpreted rather negatively. Lizards are reptiles and their appearance in the dream can indicate that there is something in the dreaming environment threatening attacks from hostile people. These can be strangers or a colleague who is just waiting for an opportune moment to get one over on the dreamer and harm him.

If the person concerned has killed a lizard – for example a gecko – in a dream, he will be able to compensate for a loss suffered and perhaps even regain his lost property.

If your attempt to catch a lizard in a dream fails, trouble and heartache await you. This can apply to both the private and business levels. You should therefore try in advance to avoid any impending dissatisfaction.

If a woman dreams of a lizard crawling under her clothes, the dream interpretation sees this as bad omen at. In the worst case scenario, a small misfortune could happen to your partner and this can cause them fundamental distress. For example, if you are financially dependent on your partner who is no longer able to go to work for a certain period of time, you may have money problems.

Dream symbol “lizard” – the psychological interpretation

Lizards are cold-blooded animals and if you look at the dream symbol “lizard” from the perspective of psychological dream interpretation, the question may arise as to whether the dreamer might be more likely to see himself in his life cool and appears aloof.

Why this is the case can have very individual reasons. However, he should be encouraged by the dream image “lizard” to perhaps allow a little more warmth into his life. This can mean that he shows himself to be more accessible when dealing with others or that he allows himself to do so more warmth and affection to receive from others.

From a psychological perspective, anyone who dreams of a giant lizard like a dinosaur longs for more Strength and Influence. The person also hopes that this will help them achieve their personal goals more quickly.

Dream symbol “lizard” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “lizard” challenges us on a spiritual level Transformation on. Just as the lizard can shed its skin, a change can also take place in us humans. Like a lizard, retreat inside to recover, but always be alert to what is outside.

In shamanism, the lizard represents luck, success and healing.

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