Multiplication table – dream interpretation

The important knowledge of mathematics also includes the multiplication table, which is available as a small multiplication table and a large multiplication table. The multiplication table is a list of all products that result from two natural numbers from 1 to 10. In the multiplication table, these combinations refer to the natural numbers from one to twenty.

Multiplication table - dream interpretation

The multiplication table is learned by heart as early as elementary school because it is part of the basic arithmetic knowledge of mathematics.

Metaphorically, the basic knowledge of other areas of knowledge or of certain skills is often referred to as the multiplication table. This symbol rarely appears in the dream world.

Sometimes the dreamer has personal memories of his school days and of learning this mathematical knowledge, which can then appear more frequently in the dreams.

Dream symbol “multiplication table“” – the general interpretation

If children dream that they are reciting the multiplication table in a dream, then dream research interprets this dream image as a sign of a child good grade at school. This is especially the case if the children find it easy in their dreams and do not make any mistakes when reciting.

If the multiplication table appears in the dream world of adults who dream that they are reciting it, it is an indication of already things done. In the waking world, the dreamer tends to often deal with matters that are actually long over and dealt with. He then likes to waste his time and does not use it meaningfully for current tasks.

The multiplication table can also mean that the dreamer uses his knowledge and knowledge at the wrong time in waking life. This means he usually gets in his own way. This means he can sometimes act as a Know-it-all apply, which may make him unpopular with those around him. Here the dream image can be understood as a reminder to rethink your own behavior and, if necessary, improve it.

Dream symbol “multiplication table“” – the psychological interpretation

The multiplication table from mathematics usually appears as a dream image in two different versions. It may be that the dreamer recites the multiplication table over and over again in his sleep without any problems and calculates quickly from his head.

The other variant is that the dreamer keeps making mistakes. Sometimes even the simplest numbers or solutions don’t come to mind.

The psychological dream interpretation interprets this dream action as a sign of confusion. The dreamer then also experiences this disorientation in the waking world, as he has to struggle with many problems there. Since the subconscious is looking for solutions to regain orientation, this dream image then appears during sleep.

Dream symbol “multiplication table” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the multiplication table is a sign of this Basic understandingwhich the dreamer has to bring up in order to develop further spiritually.

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