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A ribbon can be used for many different things. You can use it to tie something together, tie it down or secure packaging. Sometimes a pretty ribbon can simply be a decoration and adornment, perhaps braided into a braid. You can keep your hair away from your face with a hair band. Ribbons can also be used to decorate a tree.

A ribbon can also be used in different ways in the dream world. As different as the possible uses are, so are the interpretations that this dream image can have. You might also see a pendulum attached to a ribbon.

Dream symbol “ribbon” – the general interpretation

A ribbon can be a symbol of one in the dream world friendly connection be. This is especially the case when the dreamer is holding a ribbon in his hand.

If the dream is almost entangled in ribbons, an engagement or a wedding is coming. The ribbons of a bonnet in a dream also have this meaning. The tape can also warn against vanity. If the dreamer decorates himself with ribbons, then this dream image should indicate to him that not all of his wishes will come true.

Endless ribbons hanging on the dreamer indicate financial problems and debts. However, if he sees these ribbons on another person, where they flutter in the wind, they herald joy and good acquaintances.

It is always positive when a ribbon flutters in the wind in a dream, because then the dreamer becomes Luck and have success. If you wind ribbon on a large spool of thread for storage in your dream, you can look forward to favorable developments in your waking life.

But the color of the dreamed ribbon is also an important clue for the correct interpretation of the dream: a blue ribbon symbolizes loyalty in love, the green ribbon stands for hope, the red ribbon heralds pleasure, while the black ribbon stands for sadness. The white ribbon is a symbol of pure, sincere Love.

Dream symbol “band” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the bond is often associated with friendship and Hope connected. If the dream sees a ribbon, then it indicates that he wants to build a good friendship or maintains an existing friendship well. If the dreamer holds the ribbon in his hand, this is also an indication of one interpersonal connection interpreted.

If the ribbons flutter in the wind, perhaps on a maypole, dream research interprets this as an announcement of success. Sometimes this also shows one inner unrest of the dreamer. An impending separation is usually shown in the dream world by bands that are cut, damaged or worn out.

If the ties are knotted in the dream world, then something in the dreamer’s waking life is also confused and confused. The dreamer will only be able to solve these knots and problems with insight and consistency.

Dream symbol “ribbon” – the spiritual interpretation

The ribbon is used in spiritual dream interpretation as a symbol for Friendship interpreted.

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