Vulture – dream interpretation

A vulture is the general name for a large bird of prey that, like the hyena, feeds primarily on carrion – i.e. meat from dead animals. There are different species of vultures, such as the Egyptian vulture and the griffon vulture.

The Egyptian vulture is more native to southern Europe, Asia and Africa. It is rarely found in Central European latitudes. The griffon vulture, which belongs to the Old World vulture family, is a large representative of its genus and is difficult to confuse due to its impressive size alone. The bird’s body length is up to 110 centimeters and the span of its wings can reach a remarkable 269 centimeters. Compared to the Egyptian vulture, its range extends far into southern Central Europe. Sometimes it even flies into northern Central Europe.

We also like to use the word “vulture” to symbolize people who are known to us as bloodsuckers, exploiters, profit makers, loan sharks and cutthroats. The vulture that “takes our money out of our pockets”.

But why do you dream of a vulture? What does dream interpretation say about this dream symbol and how exactly is it interpreted? Let’s take a closer look at the dream animal.

Dream symbol “vulture” – the general interpretation

If we encounter a vulture in our dreams, this is most likely a dream that triggers rather unpleasant feelings in us, as we associate it primarily with death and decay. However, one should not fear that this will immediately become an indication of an impending demise.

The dream image is more like “vulture” than warning to understand to the dreamer that he should beware of people who literally “walk over dead bodies” because of their greed. Who always want more and are willing to harm other people. This is especially to be interpreted this way if you are actually afraid of the vulture in your dream. There may be a person in the dreamer’s life who is just waiting for a good moment to enrich themselves.

However, if you can scare the vulture away in a dream or see it flying away without prey, you will not suffer much damage. However, the larger the vulture’s prey, the larger it may become Loss be what one will suffer.

Dream symbol “vulture” – the psychological interpretation

From the perspective of psychological dream interpretation, the dream symbol “vulture” always has a connection with your own Soul experience. For us, the vulture itself is usually a rather unsympathetic animal with which we associate rather unpleasant aspects. These are greed, death, danger, to name just a few.

If you experience the vulture in a dream, the most important thing for the exact interpretation of the dream is how the dream situation appeared and how the dreamer felt the situation emotionally. It is possible that the dreamer himself is a rather ruthless person who tends to exploit others and only strive for his own profit. The vulture here symbolizes one’s own, exploitative attitude towards others.

However, the vulture can also illustrate one’s own entanglement with itself. The dreamer shows many things in the waking world selfish Trainsmakes high demands and may therefore slip ever further into social isolation.

He is often hardly aware of this and the dream symbol “vulture” wants to encourage him through its appearance in the dream to think more about the people in his social environment instead of always just focusing on himself. If he doesn’t change his behavior, sooner or later friends will withdraw from his life and there will be a threat to his social and mental health isolation.

Dream symbol “vulture” – the spiritual interpretation

The vulture stands for in spiritual dream interpretation Cleansing, death and Rebirth.

Since it belongs to the birds in general, the dream interpretation of this dream symbol can provide further insight into the interpretation.

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