Aborigines – dream interpretation

The Aboriginies are the native people from Australia. They began to colonize Australia around 50,000 years ago. Like many other indigenous peoples, the Aborigines suffered from the immigration of the “white man”, in this case the British. These came to Australia in 1788, introduced diseases and deprived the “bushman” of his rights and his living space. It was also the British who gave the individual indigenous tribes the generic name Aborigines.

Until then, the Aborigines lived entirely on their own, subsisting on hunting kangaroos, koalas and emus, wombats, native snakes and birds. The individual groups rarely lived in one place for long; they were either semi-sedentary or lived as itinerant nomads. The reason for this was often the scarcity of water supplies and the lack of food sources, a consequence of the hot climate.

The conflict-ridden history of the Aborigines can also play a role when these people appear as symbols in our dreams. Perhaps in the dream situation we experience fights between Aborigines and whites. Or we travel to Australia in the context of a dream and meet Aborigines there, exchange ideas with them or see them hunting with their boomerangs.

Dream symbol “Aborigines” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, a dream situation in which you travel to Australia and talk to the Aborigines there portends great things openness close. The sleeper is interested in other cultures and ways of life. He is tolerant and open to changes in his own life.

According to general dream analysis, anyone who dreams of living as an Aboriginal in Australia longs for one simpler way of life. In this case, the dream symbol shows that the dreamer wants to break away from rules and norms that particularly dominate his professional life. He feels restricted and has the feeling that he cannot develop freely.

The dream image “Aborigines” symbolizes the need to focus only on the inner, natural feeling to hear and to realize an “uncivilized”, wild, instinctual self in the broadest sense.

Dreams in which, as in the story, there are violent fights between Aborigines and the British, refer to the general dream interpretation ruthlessness. In such a case, the dream symbol warns you not to just unscrupulously pursue your own interests in everyday life. If you are on the side of the Aborigines in the dream situation, the dream image warns you paternalism through others.

If native people go hunting and kill an animal such as an emu or a kangaroo, this usually symbolizes success in the waking world.

Dream symbol “Aborigines” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological approach to dream interpretation, the symbol “Aboriginal” refers to the unchangeable Parts of your own personality. This means, for example, instincts, instinctual needs and strong emotions.

The person affected most likely wants to be able to give these character traits and parts of themselves more space in life. He longs for Freedom, doesn’t want to pretend in life or even have to suppress traits of himself. According to psychoanalysts, this is almost always accompanied by self-knowledge.

Dream symbol “Aborigines” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, Aborigines refer to the dream symbol Process of creation. The indigenous peoples thus create a connection between humans and nature.

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