Edelweiss – dream interpretation

The edelweiss is probably the flower of the Alps with the highest level of popularity and the strongest symbolic content. It is very robust and enduring, so it can easily survive even in alpine areas. Their characteristic flowers, which can be seen during the flowering period from July to September, are particularly sought after.

For a long time, the edelweiss was so popular with hikers and day trippers in the Alps as a souvenir that the plant was threatened with extinction. Only when picking the flowers was banned was the population able to recover.

The edelweiss is now more common again. It is also immortalized as a motif on many coats of arms and emblems. The edelweiss also plays an important role in magic and legend. It is considered a recommended ingredient for a love spell and is therefore often seen as a symbol of proof of love. Particularly large flowers of this plant are described in legends as edelweiss kings, which have great magical powers.

It is therefore no wonder that the edelweiss can also play a role in the dream world that should be interpreted accordingly.

Dream symbol “edelweiss” – the general interpretation

The edelweiss is often used as warning to see in the dreaming. If the dreamer is looking for an edelweiss in his sleep and he finds such a flower, which he may also infect himself, then on the one hand he is considered very brave – but also as haughty and careless. He usually also lacks interest in his fellow human beings.

This dream image is intended to warn the dreamer to take more care of other people and their well-being. To do this, the dreamer has to work on his excessive self-confidence and more compassion allow.

If a lot of these white flowers can be seen in the dream, then dream research interprets this dream image as an indication that the dreamer may have many Kinder will have.

Dream symbol “edelweiss” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the edelweiss is interpreted as an indication that the dreamer is very confident in himself. He has a very high opinion of himself when he picks it himself on a mountainside in a dream. This exaggerated self-consciousness However, it repeatedly causes problems in the waking world. The edelweiss therefore also serves as a reminder to the dreamer that he should better reflect and rethink his behavior.

Dream research interprets the edelweiss as a request to the dreamer that he is his Resilience should improve. Besides, he should for good argument be more accessible.

Dream symbol “edelweiss” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the edelweiss stands for both Simplicity as well as for Gracefulness.

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