Heroin – dream interpretation

The drug “heroin” has a very high potential for addiction, regardless of the form in which it is taken. So when the dream symbol “heroin” appears to us, the question quickly arises as to whether we should perhaps be made aware of a specific addiction in the waking world. Or does the escape from reality, which can also be achieved through drug use, play more of a role in the interpretation of the dream?

Dream symbol “heroin” – the general interpretation

Within the general interpretation of dreams, the dream image “heroin” primarily symbolizes one limitless state of intoxication. In this, the dreamer is currently in the waking world and his actions are strongly influenced by this.

However, this real euphoria does not have to be caused by the consumption of a drug; it can also be traced back to other events in the dreamer’s life. Through his dream about heroin, the sleeper should also become aware that this state of intoxication can end at some point and that he will then have to live with the consequences of his actions.

Anyone who sees heroin or heroin addicts in their dream should be shown their inability to critically see the negative aspects of an apparently “ideal situation”. The dreamer should try to gain a little distance from a particular matter. Only then will he be able to look at them objectively again. Injecting or taking heroin in a dream usually illustrates one Seekswhich the dreamer has succumbed to in the waking world, such as shopping or cell phone addiction.

If the sleeping person buys or sells heroin in his dream, according to the general dream interpretation, he receives an indication of a serious loss of image in waking life, which he will cause through his own rash actions.

Dream symbol “heroin” – the psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “heroin” can indicate on a psychological level that you need external help to become one Change in consciousness get. You will not succeed in this project alone. That’s why you should seek appropriate assistance.

The illegal purchase of heroin in a dream symbolizes excessive Willingness to take risks of the dreamer in the waking world. If the sleeper takes heroin in his dream, he is reminded of a possible loss of control in his waking life. He does not feel able to act alone or independently and therefore relies on others.

In some cases, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream image “heroin” can refer to this Deny the reality in the waking world. The dreamer does not want to face his real life conditions, but wants to escape from reality by actually taking a drug.

Dream symbol “heroin” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, the dream symbol “heroin” is a reference to a dubious method Promotion of knowledge viewed. The dreamer wants to gain further spiritual knowledge in the waking world, but chooses a path that is not natural.

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