Departure – dream interpretation

When someone sets off, they usually have a specific destination in mind. One might take the train to reach a relaxing place far away from our home. Maybe you drove off in your own car just to quickly get something in the neighboring town. So the departure itself can be an exciting and big thing or it can be a completely normal activity that we may do several times a day when driving from A to B.

Whoever leaves will arrive again at some point. Perhaps in the dream world you experienced the departure as a sad moment because you had to drive away from a loved one. Or you felt full of anticipation that the departure was the start of a journey that you had been looking forward to for a long time. The possible interpretations of the dream symbol “departure” therefore depend very much on the feelings during the dream and the other circumstances of the dream situation.

Dream symbol “departure” – the general interpretation

In the general view of dream interpretation, the dream image “departure” is seen as a symbol for unstoppable fate viewed. However, the dreamer should always be aware that he has free will and it is up to him which direction he wants to take in his life.

Departing from a place can do more than that Changes to announce. Do you remember where exactly you left from? The workplace, the parental home or perhaps the bank? Things will soon develop positively here.

If you see yourself leaving on public transport, the dream interpretation concludes that you are trying to avoid disaster and difficulties. If you are the driver on the descent, this can reflect that you are currently trying to become one Responsibility to withdraw. You seek distance and are therefore no longer accessible to others or responsible for them.

It looks similar when you see yourself driving head over heels somewhere. You may even have left your luggage behind just to get away as quickly as possible. This is also about responsibility. However, such a dream experience can also show that you… Streit tried to get out of the way. You can clearly feel that there is anger and tension in the air. By making a hasty departure, you want to get out of the line of fire as quickly as possible so as not to become someone else’s target.

Dream symbol “departure” – the psychological interpretation

Experiencing a descent in a dream always indicates that you are ready to let go of or change old habits and behaviors. Anyone who consciously perceives that they are leaving a place in a dream may also have the need for more free space and independence.

What is also important in this context is how you felt at the moment of departure. Anxious feelings indicate that you still have great insecurities within yourself. You may be facing a big step in real life and, despite all the joy, you also have strong ones fears as to what the future may actually bring. However, if you felt happy, positive thinking and the certainty that everything you tackle now will develop in the right direction also prevails in reality.

Anyone who wants to leave in the dream world but cannot do so because the car won’t start, the train has already left, you can’t make any progress in a traffic jam or is prevented from leaving for other reasons should still not see this as a warning, a planned trip not to compete.

Dream symbol “departure” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, experiencing a descent in a dream can be due to the fact that you Past consciously rejects and represses.

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