Rabbit – dream interpretation

The hare, like the rabbit, is primarily associated with positive characteristics. He is rather shy and seeks salvation in flight. However, because it also reproduces very quickly, it can become unpopular in certain regions. As a wild brown hare, it then becomes a sought-after target for hunters, as it can cause damage to farmers, especially in the fields. He can also be found as a house rabbit or stable bunny and is loved by children as an Easter bunny.

We sometimes use the word “rabbit” in a context other than that of the cute long-eared rabbit. Rabbit is very often a term of endearment for your loved one or your loved one and at this moment has little to do with Master Lamp. Rather, it is a loving expression for our treasure and also expresses the familiar and close relationship we have with each other.

We also know the concept of the scaredy-cat. The connection to the animal porpoise becomes clear when you think about how fearfully the hopper runs away in the wild if you get too close to it. So if we call a person a rabbit’s foot, we are saying that the person is quite a coward, a coward.

A bunny dream can be interpreted in many ways according to modern dream research. The exact circumstances in the dream help with the correct interpretation.

Dream symbol “rabbit” – the general interpretation

Rabbits can appear in dreams in different situations. They often symbolize fertility and sexual adventures. If a man runs after a rabbit in a dream, then he is looking for such love adventures. If a woman dreams that she is petting a rabbit, this shows her desire to have children of her own.

However, a rabbit can also be an indication that the dreamer is afraid of something. In this case it is the proverbial one Anxiety. If the Mummelmann runs away from you in a dream, then just like the rabbit, something valuable will disappear from the dreaming’s possession.

If the rabbit is chased by dogs in the dream, this dream image represents Streit among friends. If the rabbit is shot, it can represent problems in the family or even the loss of a good friend. A dead piledriver in a dream can be interpreted as the death of a friend.

If the dreamer catches a rabbit while sleeping, this means a victory and represents luck. Eating a roast rabbit is also considered in dream research Lucky symbol interpreted.

Dream symbol “rabbit” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the hare is a symbol of fertility interpreted. This interpretation can refer to both sexual potency and erotic encounters. In addition to the fertility of the animals, this dream image also refers to them mental activity and the psychological state of the dreamer.

A bunny dream can also be an indication that the dreamer should become active in his waking life and overcome his fear and hesitation. So he shouldn’t Rabbit’s foot and don’t run away anymore.

If a man dreams that he is shooting a rabbit, this is usually an indication of his desire to live out his life sexual urges. In a woman’s dream, the rabbit’s fur in particular represents her need tenderness.

Dream symbol “rabbit” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the hare is a lunar animal of fertility and therefore also represents renewal of life.

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