Lizard Man – Dream Interpretation

Lizardmen are not uncommon in films. Sometimes they appear more, sometimes less “lizard-like”, especially in science fiction, often as a dangerous or aggressive species.

Even in reality you can meet a lizard person, because some people allow themselves to be changed through tattoos and other operations in order to get as close as possible to their “ideal image”. This process is called “body modification”. Of course, a person can also just be dressed as a lizard, for example at carnival or carnival.

The exciting question is how such a creature can be interpreted in the dream world. For a comprehensive dream analysis, all details are important, i.e. the exact dream circumstances, the location, the people or animals seen. What happened, who did what?

Dream symbol “lizard man” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream symbol “lizard man” should first and foremost make the dreamer aware of the fact that he is Behave in the waking world is characterized above all by prudence and cold-bloodedness. Because of his prudent and thoughtful actions, the dreamer does not make hasty decisions, which proves to be very beneficial for him.

In some cases, however, this behavior is interpreted by the dreamer as callousness, especially if he sees himself as a lizard person in the dream.

If the dreamer is attacked by a lizard in his dream, he has to expect trouble and arguments in the waking world, which will affect his excessive behavior mistrust let yourself be told back to other people. The dreamer should learn to trust other people more and not always assume the worst.

If the dreamer kills a lizard person in the dream, he will be successful in a certain matter through well-considered action. If the dreamer is very afraid of the lizard man in his dream or feels persecuted by him, it is illustrated to him that in the waking world he is afraid of the heartlessness of other people.

Dream symbol “lizard man” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the dream symbol “lizard man” as a reference to mental content, which are very far from consciousness. Through the dream, these now push from the unconscious to the conscious level.

The dreamer should deal with these often “wild” soul contents in the waking world in order to be able to control or handle them properly. Only when he knows how to deal with these energies correctly will he find a state of mental balance, which is the prerequisite for his personal life Further development is.

If the dreamer sees himself as a lizard person in his dream, from a psychological point of view it should be shown to him that he should have control over his life in waking life. It can be very convenient to hand over responsibility to someone else. However, this should not be at the expense of a self-determined way of life.

Dream symbol “lizard man” – the spiritual interpretation

If a lizard person appears in a dream, according to the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the dreamer should have his own Driving forces be aware. He should be able to control these in the waking world, because only then can he have a good basis for his spiritual development create.

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