Power tools – dream interpretation

Wherever there is something to repair, build or attach, power tools are a must. A lot of things can be done by hand with normal tools, but when it comes to sawing through a tree trunk, for example, this is much quicker and easier with a chainsaw than with the old hand saw from the basement. Power tools make the lives of many craftsmen, such as carpenters and mechanics, easier and, last but not least, are often the greatest pride in the home workshop.

However, if someone dreams of “power tools”, they do not necessarily have to be an enthusiastic hobby builder. Because the dream image usually has little to do with actual craftsmanship preferences.

Dream symbol “power tools” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, power tools are symbolic of the Possibilitiesthat are available to the dreamer in order to maintain or improve their current lifestyle. Anyone who works with a drill, grinder or chainsaw in a dream has big plans.

Applied to real life, this shows that as a dreaming person you have very clear ideas about what you want to achieve. This can be building a home to stick with craft activities. The dream image “power tools” can also reflect activity in all other projects. The dream image shows this very clearly Capability of the dreamer to active action. He is able to turn his first, shapeless thoughts into actions and to work towards his goal little by little.

Broken power tools, on the other hand, indicate problems in the implementation of planned projects. However, this is not to be seen exclusively as a negative thing. Although it can happen here time delays come. However, these can prove to be a stroke of luck in retrospect because new ideas can be introduced, which has advantages for the overall project.

If you have difficulty handling power tools in the dreamed world, this shows the dreamer that he may be pushing himself too hard Responsibility has charged. He is used to always fighting on the front line and is always known by others as a “doer”. Such a dream situation, as described above, should make the dreamer sit up and take notice. He would do well to hand over important things from time to time and pass them on to other people to deal with.

Dream symbol “power tools” – the psychological interpretation

Psychological dream interpretation says that anyone who works with one or more power tools in a dream is a very energetic and assertive being. However, as with most dream content, details matter here too. An electric drill can be used, for example, for refinishing fears and emotions stand. He can also show the dreamer that he is working on changing and consolidating his basic attitudes.

An electric saw can make divisive thoughts conscious. The person concerned may have intentions to separate from their relationship or fear that their partner might separate from them. However, according to the dream researchers, anyone who works with power tools together with their partner is allowed to work in one positive future look with the loved one.

Dream symbol “power tools” – the spiritual interpretation

Tools, including power tools, represent the transcendent symbolism of dream interpretation spiritual aids These can be, for example, love, compassion and devotion.

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