Field – dream interpretation

A field is an area that is used for agriculture. Another name for a field is a field. Depending on the location of the field and the quality of the soil, it can be vegetables, such as beets, or types of grain, which are usually grown there regularly as crops. Sometimes we also see a scarecrow standing in a field to stop the birds from pecking the seeds out of the ground. Rapeseed fields are particularly striking due to their yellow color.

Depending on how the field appears in the dream, it can be interpreted in very different ways.

Dream symbol “field” – the general interpretation

If the field appears as a dream image, then the work in the field and the condition as well as the vegetation are usually crucial for the correct interpretation of the dream. Often a field with a windmill and a miller in the dream world heralds work. If there is blooming flax in the field, you are allowed to go there Love look forward to happy times.

In a field with green stalks, the dreamer’s future will be positive. He will be good Work have that will provide for him and secure his livelihood. If the field is also covered with a lot of wheat, then this indicates wealth, happiness and health. A field full of Rapunzel plants can, as a dream image, refer to amenities, which, however, will be of a simple nature.

If the field is freshly plowed, then here too Success and prosperity can be expected. Also one Honor is not excluded if this dream image is seen.

If the dreamer is working in the fields in his sleep, perhaps with a spade, or plowing the field, then he will also do so in waking life a lot of work have, but also success. For success and Love There is also a walk in green fields or among the reeds. If the field is worked with a mowing machine in the dream, this can bring positive changes.

However, the field as a dream image can also be a bad sign. If the dreamer plants the field in the dream, then it is announced hard times and worries. If he sees a stubble field or a field with bad grain in the dream world, then the future will bring bad news, unrest and sorrow. The same applies to devastated or fallow fields, which are often additional Famines can point out.

Anyone who sees a tree in a field in their dream may be facing a personal change in the waking world.

Dream symbol “field” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream interpretation, the field is seen as a part of the personality or as one of the Areas of life interpreted by the dreamer. The correct interpretation of the dream also depends on the details.

If the dreamer is standing alone in a field, then in waking life he may be looking for a new field of activity. If the dreamer is working in the fields and plowing in the dream, then he will be in a new area of ​​life Success if he tries hard enough. But field work can too Care for announce, which can, however, be overcome with great effort.

If there are many stones in the field, then there will be changes in the dreaming’s further life path Obstacles and show difficulties. If an unused field appears in the dream, then the dreamer has many properties and abilities that he does not use at all. In this case, the dream is supposed to ask him to cultivate the field, i.e. to use his unused skills. Sometimes the dreamed field also symbolizes you Sanctuarywhich radiates peace and harmony, which is missing in the stressful waking world.

Dream symbol “field” – the spiritual interpretation

Traditionally, the field symbolizes the spiritual dream interpretation mother Earth.

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