Festival – dream interpretation

“You have to celebrate the festivals as they come”, is an old rule that is generally followed very happily. This refers to the public holidays that were previously determined by the church, but today primarily by the legislature. So you should take life as it comes and always make the best of it.

The various festivals throughout the year give life a constantly repeating rhythm and thus convey reliability. Whether Easter or Christmas, the dance into May, the Oktoberfest or the carnival that heralds Lent – a celebration promotes a sense of community and creates space for joy and cheerfulness. Many cities also organize their own city festival every year, and individual communities organize neighborhood and district festivals. In the more rural regions, a harvest festival is often celebrated after the harvest is over and the work is done.

Anyone who moves into a new apartment or opens a newly built shopping center throws a party to mark the inauguration. The motto is to get together, listen to music, have fun, eat and drink well.

Even in dreams, a celebration and its occasion are always something special. There is an upbeat atmosphere, there is probably a lot of talking and laughing.

For the interpretation of the dream, it is important whether the dreamer himself takes part, perhaps even organizes the festival, or whether he just watches. For example, anyone who has experienced a Christmas party in a dream with presents should not only take this article on the “celebration” into account for dream interpretation, but also the actions, the dream images of “gifts”, “family” or “children”. Depending on who and what appeared at the festival in the dream.

Dream symbol “festival” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “festival” is a symbol of enjoyment and fun, but also of social contacts and communication. But it can also be a warning, in real life one more positive expectations to take. Anyone who only takes indirect notice of a party in their dream, for example when they see a poster on an advertising pillar, can benefit from people in their real environment. The right ones Contact now help the person in a situation that is difficult to resolve.

In addition, dreams of a party can reflect the need to simply leave everyday life behind and relax in a happy mood. In dream interpretation, a celebration is sometimes a dream symbol for a life situation in which one’s own personality receives a lot of recognition and stimulation.

If the dreamer is the organizer of the party or issues invitations, the symbol represents happiness, happiness and professional success. If you only take part in the celebration, perhaps on the occasion of an anniversary, in a dream, this means in the dream interpretation grief and worries, which can, however, be alleviated by being Living environment puts himself to the test and involves the people around him more in his own life. The dream symbol thus illustrates the importance of social bonds. A topping-out ceremony in a dream often indicates a new beginning in the waking world.

If the party in the dream is about exuberant celebration, it should be understood as a good omen. However, if you party too much in your sleep and become an alcoholic, you may find yourself in bad company in the waking world.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving and enjoy a turkey in your dream, this can bring difficult tasks for the waking world. Anyone looking for Easter bunnies and Easter eggs in the garden could easily get it: a new relationship or affair sometimes announces itself with these dream situations.

The music at a festival can also play an important role in the interpretation and should be examined in more detail. Was it rock music, a happy polka, or did you hear marching music? Furthermore, the food that is available on this occasion can also provide further clues to the overall meaning of the dream.

Dream symbol “celebration” – the psychological interpretation

Anyone who dreams of the dream symbol “celebration” may unconsciously have the desire for a more fulfilling one Social life. In dream interpretation, this is seen as a request to the dreamer to approach other people more and open up to them. The dream makes us aware of how important communicative and social connections are. Stilt walkers as an attraction at a festival warn against arrogance and overestimation of oneself.

Many festivals are related to the course of the year or indicate the end or beginning of a phase of life. The dream symbol “festival” is therefore always a symbol of Transition. The subconscious causes the dreamer to deal with the conclusion or beginning of certain events or life circumstances. The end of one thing is often also the beginning of the next.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “celebration” heralds a change: communion or confirmation, engagement or wedding. The new phase of life always brings new things Commitments and responsibilities with it, and the dreamer’s psyche tries to process this change in the dream. The type of celebration you dream does not necessarily have to be related to the corresponding area of ​​life; That means that dreaming about getting married does not necessarily indicate a real wedding.

Dream symbol “festival” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “festival” means crossing from one spiritual phase to another. In dream interpretation, the festival is a sign that the dreamer is reaching a further spiritual level through the new beginning.

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