Fakir – dream interpretation

Fakirs are originally followers of Islamic Sufism. Today, especially in India, there are many propertyless and homeless people who have developed extraordinary body control through their consciously ascetic lifestyle.

A fakir can become insensitive to pain through physical and mental exercises. Some go around like jugglers, jugglers, magicians or clowns and present their art to an audience. For example, they can lie on a board of nails or walk over embers and broken pieces without injuring themselves.

If someone dreams of a fakir, they are probably fascinated by its exotic appearance and unusual lifestyle. Perhaps he would be interested in acquiring such skills himself. The details of the dream and the relationship to your personal life situation are of central importance for dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “Fakir” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “Fakir” indicates the longing for distant countries and extraordinary people. The dreamer may have one himself solitary nature and a penchant for ideas that are, on the one hand, fascinating, but on the other hand can also be intimidating to others.

The dream also expresses that the dreamer has to endure some hardships in real life. However, he accepts this in order to achieve his goal.

According to popular dream interpretation, the fakir in the dream corresponds to a harbinger of events that are both pleasant and original. The dream symbol signals to the dreamer that even unusual wishes can come true.

Furthermore, a fakir gives notice in a dream Changes which can be both positive and negative. According to dream interpretation, the fascination that comes from an ascetic can also be an indication of a person in real life who captivates the dreamer with their charisma.

Dream symbol “Fakir” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological terms, the fakir symbolizes this in dream interpretation strangely in your own personality.

The dream symbol is also a symbol for the wisdom of the unconscious as well as the longing for mental and emotional development. It embodies the dreamer’s willingness to expand his consciousness and explore the unknown parts of his being. However, he shouldn’t go too far.

In the dream, the subconscious warns you not to concentrate too much on yourself and possibly lose sight of other people. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “Fakir” is a warning against excessive self-centeredness and a withdrawal into oneself.

The ascetic’s abstinent lifestyle also points to the need for puritywhich the dreamer is looking for in his own psyche, but also in others.

However, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, a fakir in a dream can also have a conflict with his own shoots to express. The dream symbol shows that the dreamer suppresses his natural needs and, for example, subordinates his sexuality to strict moral concepts.

Dream symbol “Fakir” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “Fakir” represents the desire to further develop the conscious will and thus spiritualize life. In the dream, a familiarity arises with an extraordinary person who leads the dreamer through unusual paths spiritual goal leads.

As a dream symbol, the fakir also points out that mental development also benefits the dreamer Victim demanded.

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