Dump – dream interpretation

For us, dumping something can mean moving material, debris, or objects from one place to another to place them there. We unload things where we think they belong, thereby removing them from another location. This can happen with a truck, a forklift or a hand truck.

But sometimes we also talk about “unloading” when, for example, we are getting rid of grief. We unload our worries and when we unpack our mental pain with a loved one, we notice how our hearts become lighter with every word spoken.

But what does dream interpretation say about the dream image “dumping” and how can you, as a dreaming person, interpret it correctly for yourself?

Dream symbol “dumping” – the general interpretation

In the general interpretation of dreams, the dream image “unloading” indicates to the dreamer that he will only get closer to his goals when he moves away from him Ballast and freed from the problems that he is carrying with him in his current life situation. Depending on what you unloaded in the dream, this shows how big the burden is that you actually carry with you in reality.

Anyone who has problems unloading something in the dream world – for example from the trailer of a car – can understand that some things in life are often easy not solvable are. Even if you try to do this with violence and all your strength.

The dream image of “unloading” can also appear to the dreamer in the form of a delivery. For example, if you want to unload coal or gravel on the person’s doorstep, this will happen soon Improvements of finances hope. However, if you unload crap or other unpleasant things in front of the dreamer, you have to expect obstacles in real life. These unexpectedly get in his way and he will have to make a lot of effort to free them again.

Perhaps in the dreamed situation you watched us dump or empty garbage in front of other people. If you felt a feeling of schadenfreude, then this could be because you were in waking life Feelings of revenge feel. Maybe you’ve been treated badly in the past and you’re eagerly awaiting an opportunity to get back at the other person. However, be warned and think carefully about whether this is the right path. Sometimes an indifferent shrug of the shoulders and moving on hits the other person’s ego much more deeply than blind retaliation.

Dream symbol “dumping” – the psychological interpretation

For the psychological interpreters of dreams, the dream image of “dumping” is a mirror of ourselves soul life. If you want to unload something in a dream, your subconscious shows you that there is too much weight on your soul. If you always eat up the grief and fears that life brings with it, sooner or later even the strongest people will be brought to their knees.

Depression can also be behind a dream about the “dumping” symbol. You want to free yourself from something, vent yourself, yourself Relief and can finally breathe freely again.

If you experience feelings of approval in this context, it might be helpful to seek professional help. This can help you get to the bottom of the heaviness you feel and show you ways to get rid of it and free yourself from it.

Anyone who has to unload something in a dream sometimes shows that they are ready to do so new phase of life to go. You leave behind what is old and no longer useful, and when you unload it you are ready to move on to new, hopeful things.

Dream symbol “dumping” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream image “unloading” shows that the dreamer is in an energetic state imbalance located. It must look for ways and means to regain its strength and inner balance.

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