Jealousy – dream interpretation

Everyone probably knows the feeling of jealousy: your partner spends too much time with another woman or man, your parents seem to favor your siblings, your mother is jealous of your daughter-in-law, your best friend suddenly has a new relationship Acquaintances no longer have as much time or the boss values ​​the colleague’s work more than yours.

These are all exemplary situations in which people experience jealousy in everyday life. In a psychological sense, this refers to an unpleasant feeling that occurs when someone, in their perception, does not receive enough attention, recognition, affection or love from a person they value or love very much. A prerequisite for jealousy is that the person concerned devotes the lack of attention – actually or only subjectively perceived – to another person towards whom the jealousy is now directed. The cause and also consequences of jealousy are often fear of loss.

In dreams, the dreamer’s emotions are often intensified, so that he feels significantly more and sometimes more uncontrollably than when he is awake. Feelings of jealousy often arise in dreams, which can quickly arise, for example, from love that is not sufficiently reciprocated. The dream can of course indicate real feelings of jealousy in the dreamer’s waking state, but there are also some dream interpretations that see jealousy as a transmitting symbol.

Dream symbol “jealousy” – the general interpretation

In some cases it is the case that a dream about jealousy is just that feelings reflected from the waking state. If the dreamer is really jealous in real life, then such emotions are often reflected in dreams.

If the situation in the dream can be easily transferred to the dreamer’s life, then the dream symbol sometimes wants to show him feelings of jealousy that he has not yet consciously noticed. For the purposes of interpretation, it is important to consider who he was jealous of in the dream and why and whether this jealousy was justified.

In this context, jealousy as a dream image is perhaps a sign that you can be justifiably jealous and suspicious while awake. In another interpretation, the feeling can also mean that you may be making other people jealous through your behavior.

In general, the dream symbol “jealousy” can be future Quarrels and announce quarrels that you can hardly avoid. The argument may arise with the people you are jealous of.

If you dream of jealousy, there are numerous interpretations that depend on the context. Sometimes the dream of jealousy symbolizes a bitter life or it indicates an unhappy love. If you are jealous of another person in a dream, then you could perhaps be in debt difficulties devices. If, on the other hand, other dream persons feel jealousy towards the dreamer, then difficulties could be solved in the waking state, so that there is a problem positive development for the sleeper.

It is also relevant for dream interpretation who is jealous of whom in the dream. If a woman feels jealous of her husband, then the dream image could be a reference to upcoming events Uncertainties, a rival or a deceptive fortune. If a man dreams of a jealous wife, then he may be too influenced by narrow-minded people and enemies.

If it’s a young woman who is jealous of her partner, then the partner sometimes feels more like her To travel attracted to other women. If both relationship partners are jealous of each other in the dream world, the dream interpretation indicates unpleasant situations in everyday life.

If the dreamer annoys another person out of jealousy while sleeping, he should become aware of his malicious joy in relation to the actions of another person in the waking world.

Dream symbol “jealousy” – the psychological interpretation

The basis of many feelings of jealousy are Insecurities and Fear of loss. For example, if you don’t trust your partner and don’t believe that they are worth your love, you are more likely to fear that your partner might look for someone else.

Therefore, if you dream of jealousy, in order to interpret your dream appropriately, you should consider whether you also feel such fears of loss when you are awake. So what or who do you not want to lose? And above all, what or who are you afraid of losing?

Once you have figured this out, the dream symbol of jealousy invites you to think about whether these fears of loss are actually justified and whether they could harm you in the long term. Could it be that it’s just because of your insecurity that you tend to behave in ways that don’t push your partner, colleague, or friend away from you at some point?

Sometimes jealousy also arises from this destroyed trust or generally from the difficulty of trusting other people. Here, the interpretation of this dream image suggests that the dreamer may have experienced an enormous breach of trust in the past while awake and therefore feels jealous more easily. In this case, it is up to the other person to restore the trust that the person once lost.

Dream symbol “jealousy” – the spiritual interpretation

Jealousy mainly occurs when someone feels like they are not being sufficiently considered and valued.

It is possible that the dream image refers in a spiritual sense to the fact that the dreamer is more spiritual Appreciation his efforts and thus a closer contact with spirituality.

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