Banknote – dream interpretation

Banknotes are not just means of payment, they are considered official documents that may only be issued by authorized institutions – this is usually a specific bank. For us it is the European Central Bank.

The first paper money appeared in China around the year 1,000, and Europe only began printing banknotes in the 15th century. The motifs on it range from landscapes to people and animals. Today’s euro notes depict buildings that represent architectural styles from seven cultural eras in Europe.

Common banknotes in particular are often counterfeited by fraudsters, which is why security features are particularly important. For some notes, security measures are strengthened over the years and the old banknotes are gradually replaced with new ones, as is the case with the 5 euro note in Germany, which has been on the market as a new edition since 2013. Sometimes the numerical value of paper money is significantly greater than the actual monetary value, for example with a German 10 million mark banknote from 1923. The Italian 1000 lire note was also worth just 50 cents when the euro was introduced. A big wad of money doesn’t always say anything about the wealth of its owner.

If you dream of a bank note, you may be happy about the amount of money and have fun counting the notes. You may also be afraid that the paper money might not be enough. For a comprehensive dream interpretation, you should pay attention to the details of the dream and the personality of the dreamer. Find out more about the topic in the following article.

Dream symbol “banknote” – the general interpretation

As in real life, a banknote also symbolizes value in a dream. As a dream symbol, it signals to the dreamer that he may underestimate himself, to his own detriment. He should have his actual Wert recognize and represent it to others. Depending on how much you can buy with a dream banknote, the higher your own value is in waking life.

In dream interpretation, owning a banknote is often a warning of something too big waste. The possible losses can be emotional or spiritual.

Holding a banknote in your hand in a dream can mean that the dreamer believes that he has to pay too high a price for his behavior. The bill in the wallet is a dream image that shows that the sleeper is blessed with luck in love.

For a deterioration of the economic conditions The dream symbol “banknote” stands when the notes are counted with great effort. However, such a dream can also reflect the dreamer’s stinginess, with which he makes himself unpopular with others. In that case, you should be generous a little more often in real life.

If there is inflation in the dream world, that is, the purchasing power of money is decreasing, the dream situation can be an actual financial one Emergency refer. The dreamer can also get into a crisis of meaning in which he has to find his purpose in life again.

In contrast, anyone who “swims” in money and suddenly becomes a very rich millionaire in the dream world must expect unpleasant events in reality. In dreams, many banknotes often refer to financial losses or disappointment.

Conversely, if you have no money in a dream story and see yourself living in extreme poverty, you are probably making a lot of it in the waking world Worries about the future. If your job is at risk, you should start looking for a new job.

The condition of the paper money is also important for dream interpretation: dirty, crumpled notes are to be viewed more positively than new, clean notes Them or indicate a loss of social acceptance. Broken and dirty banknotes signal that real money may soon increase and the sleeper will have more in his pocket.

The theft of banknotes is always interpreted taking into account your own feelings during the dream: regardless of whether you committed the robbery yourself or another criminal, feelings of guilt represent Self-doubt in real life. Your own abilities are questioned. If the attack happened without fear or a guilty conscience, and the sleeper experienced positive emotions while sleeping, then the person has great self-confidence and knows what he is doing.

The color and therefore the value of the grade certificate are also important for dream analysis. Green banknotes, for example, indicate activities that the dreamer is currently carrying out from a distance; Blue notes show a calm mind and security when dealing with finances.

Dream symbol “banknote” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “banknote” represents the value that the dreamer unconsciously assigns to himself. It symbolizes values ​​that are particularly important for the psyche: the question of power is part of it, but also that of the social, which is closely linked to material attributes reputation. A loss on this level can disrupt the mental balance, which is expressed and processed in paper money in the dream.

As a dream symbol, a banknote also symbolizes the psychological Energy. According to the psychological analysis approach, many banknotes in a dream can mean two things: either the dreamer wants more energy or he has it in excess and feels optimally efficient.

In addition, a banknote as printed paper offers space for information, which is a more playful expression Good faith is interpreted. In this context, the dream symbol can refer to the childish psychological needs of the dreamer.

In psychological terms, counterfeit money represents actual self-deception in reality. Anyone who prints and circulates false banknotes, also known as “flowers,” in the dream world and ends up getting caught will also lose theirs in waking life Lie on.

Dream symbol “banknote” – the spiritual interpretation

As an official means of payment that is countered by an offer of goods or services, the dream symbol “banknote” is a symbol of the flow back and forth in dream interpretation spiritual knowledge: a give and take that has value for everyone.

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