Confession – dream interpretation

Anyone who belongs to the Catholic faith can go to confession if something bothers them or they regret something. There he can confess his sins to the priest and ask for forgiveness. Confession is also recommended before certain sacraments are administered. These include, for example, first communion or marriage.

Confession - dream interpretation

But even without a religious background, someone can confess something to another person. In this case, he admits, for example, that he made a mistake or that he is the culprit for something.

This allows him to clear his conscience and hope that his apology will be accepted. If the dreamer goes to confession, then he will definitely have important reasons for doing so that the dream interpretation can find out.

A dream situation is particularly often experienced in connection with confession. Read more about it below before we move on to the general, psychological and spiritual interpretation in this article:

Dream symbol “confession” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Confessing cheating in a dream

If the dreamer experiences that her partner confesses an affair or cheating, this is a sign that their relationship will be more harmonious again after a phase of argument. Whether her lover has cheated on her or not – this dream symbol signals to her that he is probably also interested in maintaining their relationship.

Dream symbol “confession” – the general interpretation

If the dream goes to confession to an authority, then this dream image is often a sign of a Injusticewhat the dreamer has committed and what he wants to make up for. If the dreamer enters a church to confess to a priest, then he will be met with humiliation and humiliation in the waking world Care for have to fight.

In general, this dream image is seen as the dreamer’s wish Peace in hearts interpreted. He longs for a clear conscience and harmony between people. If the dreamer sees another person going to confession, then they will show up here accusationsthat the dreamer makes himself. If he himself is present at a confession, then this dream image is intended to warn him to take a closer look at his own actions Thoughts close.

If someone else confesses something to the dreamer, then this dream image announces the future activities of the dreamer charitable organizations an.

Dream symbol “confession” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, confession is always a sign of one guilty conscience of the dreamer. This dream image shows that he both admits his actions and his guilt and hopes for forgiveness for these mistakes. This means that the dreamer also hopes for a new and worry-free beginning.

If the confession of sin appears as a dream image, then the dreamer is often asked to admit his mistakes and guilt and, if possible, to make amends. The subconscious is often already heavily burdened by these incidents and therefore also depresses the dreamer in waking life. This request The dream demands that the dreamer finally has to talk about it and should no longer remain silent.

If the dreamer is a strictly religious person, then the dream image of a confession of guilt in connection with an apparition of God can also be for repressed feelings of guilt stand or for the Angstthat he deserved punishment for something.

Dream symbol “confession” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, confession is used as a symbol for the cleaning and the purification interpreted by humans.

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