Balcony – dream interpretation

It’s not for nothing that a balcony is usually at the top of the wish list when looking for an apartment. It is the garden of the city apartment, a place to grow flowers and herbs in pots, face the sun and have breakfast outdoors. In summer we can spend hours and days on it, in winter we put up a birdhouse. Standing on the balcony also means being outside and inside at the same time. In Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet secretly meet on the balcony, the hidden entrance to their room.

Especially if the apartment is on an upper floor, it offers a good overview without the observer being noticed. An alternative is the more spacious terrace, which is usually only used by the lowest party on the ground floor.

By a balcony you can also mean a gallery, a higher auditorium with standing or seating areas. Galleries can often be found in churches or theaters and concert halls.

In order to correctly interpret this dream symbol, details are important – are you standing alone on a balcony or as a couple? Do you see anyone and if so, where is they? Keeping a dream diary can help with dream interpretation, especially if dream symbols recur regularly.

Dream symbol “balcony” – the general interpretation

The balcony always includes a house, which in dream interpretation generally stands for maternal, i.e. unconditional, affection and security. Anyone who stands on the balcony is therefore outside in the fresh air, but has the familiarity and Security of the environment around yourself. At the same time, he has a good overview of everything that is happening below the balcony.

The dreamer should ask himself what he can expect from this Viewpoint from, and why he can’t go straight down and take part in the action.

Standing on the balcony, especially when speaking to people down on the street or in the yard, can also be an indication of secrets Desires for power be. You may be dissatisfied with your professional situation or you may feel small and powerless compared to one or more people.

In general, this dream symbol can have an interpersonal impact Relationships Clues. If the dreamer sees another person from his balcony, for example on the balcony next door or at the window opposite, he can look forward to a new acquaintance, or there is the prospect of happiness in love soon. On the other hand, saying goodbye to your partner in tears on the balcony can, according to dream interpretation, be a sign from the subconscious that an imminent separation will occur.

Are you standing under a balcony or walking under balconies in your dream? Then this dream symbol stands for strong ones Modesty to excessive humility. You feel inferior to other people or are very aware of other people’s position of power in your life.

A collapsing balcony represents in dream interpretation lost hopes and wishes that the dreamer must finally leave behind. The dream image of “falling from the balcony” and also the situation of actively jumping down from a healthy balcony indicate old principles and premises that should be checked. By jumping from the balcony into the world, the subconscious indicates that these may no longer be needed and that something new is now coming up. You can find out more about this in our article on the dream symbol “crash”.

The plants that can be found on a dream balcony can also provide clues for interpreting the dream. Therefore, think carefully about what flowers you saw there. Was it the typical balcony plant geranium, the dahlia or even a large yucca palm?

Dream symbol “balcony” – the psychological interpretation

Psychologically, the role of the balcony is as a Transition to the outside world Interesting. Anyone who is on the balcony has already taken a step out of the protective interior.

A balcony represents a structural change and a connection to the outside world, and it can also be interpreted as a dream symbol. If other people are standing on the balcony in the dream, it can mean that the dreamer has already opened the house of his soul to them to some extent. You trust a partner you see on your balcony in a dream; you are ready to change at least some of your life for his love.

Another psychological level of interpretation is that of the female breast. Keywords are here security and sexuality. Especially when men dream of a balcony, it can be an indication of their relationship with women in general and sexual partners in particular.

Dream symbol “balcony” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritually the balcony stands as crossing between two worlds for, mostly internal, change. Get ready for one starting soon change – maybe you’re already in the middle of it.

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