Hoarseness – dream interpretation

Hoarseness is an impairment of our voice that is usually caused by a cold. Overloading the vocal cords as a result of prolonged speaking, singing or screaming as well as external influences such as dry air also cause hoarseness. Smoking and alcohol also affect vocal power.

Our voice is not only a means of expressing our feelings, the two are also closely related to each other. Fear or nervousness can “shut up your throat” so that all you can hear is a hoarse croak or a quiet whisper. People who suffer from depression or other mental health problems often have a hoarse, thick voice.

If you dream that you can only speak with a hoarse voice, you will first consider whether an infection is on the horizon. Maybe you just cheered on the football team too loudly. To interpret this symbol in a dream, the dreamer should ask himself whether something is currently bothering him so much that it could affect his voice.

Dream symbol “hoarseness” – the general interpretation

Hoarseness can be a symbol of dream interpretation lonliness and Isolation be. The dream symbol represents something that burdens the dreamer so much that it robs them of their voice. Like hoarseness in dreams, it seems to be stuck and affects one’s well-being. The dreamer should not try to “swallow” the problem, but rather implement it and deal with it.

If the dreamer suffers from hoarseness, the dream symbol stands for in popular dream interpretation Success. Maybe you gave a speech and thereby gained an advantage or a profit. However, before taking advantage of the opportunity, one should weigh the disadvantages.

If another person is hoarse in a dream, the dream symbol means that a friend has made a promise that he cannot keep. However, the dreamer should overlook this and give the friend a second chance.

Dream symbol “hoarseness” – the psychological interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “hoarseness” is a symbol for the psychological level fainting of the dreamer. He is unable to verbally defend himself against accusations or expose foul play. His voice almost fails in his dream because of his excitement.

As a dream symbol, however, hoarseness can also be a request from the subconscious to only speak when you have something important to say and can be sure that it is correct. In addition, hoarseness in the dream can be evidence of a lack Contact ability to be the dreamer.

The voice is the means of articulation for emotions, hoarseness in dreams is a symbol of the impairment of the dreamer’s ability to express himself and his creativity. In dream analysis, the symbol in this context is an indication of a build-up of emotions and a creative block. The dreamer should get his flow of language and thus his life back on track.

Dream symbol “hoarseness” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, the dream symbol “hoarseness” in dream interpretation is associated with one Overvaluation of the mind equate. The communication between intuition – the “gut feeling” – and rationality – the mind – is disturbed.

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