Vehicle – dream interpretation

With the invention of the wheel, humanity took a major step towards independence and mobility. Larger loads could now be moved relatively effortlessly and greater distances could be covered than before. A vehicle is always used to get from one place to another. In dream interpretation, however, it is less the “where to?” and more the “how?” that plays a role:

Did you ride a bus or train in your dream? By S-Bahn, subway or train? Did you even drive the vehicle yourself, did you move in traffic, stop at a traffic light or a traffic sign? And in what element did you move – were you driving on an asphalt road or on water?

Depending on what type your dream vehicle is, you can interpret your dream very differently. So look in our dream symbol dictionary for terms like “motorcycle”, “scooter”, “truck” or “car” if such a vehicle appeared in your dream. The “ferry” or generally the “ship” is also a vehicle for water travel; While larger watercraft used to be operated exclusively with wind power, oars or later steam, today large ships usually rely on combustion engines to provide the thrust.

Let’s take a look at what a different type of vehicle can mean in a dream.

Dream symbol “vehicle” – the general interpretation

In general, the vehicle in the dream represents this Moving forward in personal development and Changes in your own life. Anyone who controls the vehicle themselves in a dream, for example a car or a motorboat, has the feeling of being in control of their life. Any changes are of your own choosing and give the dreamer a good feeling.

Anyone who can recognize the steering wheel, steering wheel or a device with an axle for steering in a dream will make good progress in an area of ​​life. This is also about development, progress and movement. A clutch, on the other hand, symbolizes a well-considered action without any haste.

On public transport, however, he is dependent on someone else to drive the vehicle and determine the destination. A common dream motif in this context is the feeling of faintingbecause the brake pedal is stuck, someone else is driving the vehicle and the dreamer is at the mercy of their mostly inadequate driving skills, or a road suddenly leads to nowhere.

In all of these cases it is about loss of control, your own life seems to be off track, the dreamer sees himself being subjected to a change that he did not decide on himself or that is happening faster than he would like.

An accident, especially if the dreamer is thrown out of the vehicle, indicates Angst ahead, unpleasant events cast their shadows ahead, and you fear that you won’t be able to cope with the challenges. An ambulance as a dream symbol can also be interpreted in a similar way.

The situation is similar with a defective vehicle, be it a boat with a leak or a car that breaks down – plans could go wrong and unforeseen obstacles could arise.

If you sell a vehicle in a dream, you are figuratively giving up your ability to get around. The Development is disturbed or stands still. Trains and trains follow fixed paths, they run on rails and therefore offer a certain level of safety, being able to get from A to B undisturbed and without having to pay attention to the route. Just like the bus, the train is a collective vehicle with which several people move together. Therefore both stand for the Community spirit.

Many people’s common dream of missing the train indicates fear missed opportunities there. Life seems to pass you by unused. Driving a truck in a dream is an indication of one Last that the dreamer carries around with him. The type and severity of the load can provide further clues for interpretation. Nevertheless, the truck, a strong and powerful vehicle, is controlled autonomously, so the load is also under control.

If a crawler tractor is used to transport cargo in a dream, it can indicate rapid progress in life. If you pick up a hitchhiker in your vehicle, you are usually not yet ready to commit to something about your goals in life.

If vehicles appear in the dream as play equipment, such as a bobby car or a Kettcar, this can indicate opportunities in life that you should take advantage of. A tricycle usually symbolizes the achievement of a personal goal; If it is a children’s bike with three wheels, that is childlike spirit of the dreamer in the waking world.

Generally speaking, an armored vehicle in a dream can be designed to be similar to armor and can usually indicate the dreamer’s desire for protection or support.

Dream symbol “vehicle” – the psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “vehicle”, if it is in good condition, represents your own control about the path of life. The dreamer has the feeling that he has his life under control and is looking forward to the changes that he has brought about, be it a move, a change in everyday habits or a new relationship.

However, if the vehicle is damaged or there are fears of loss of control and accidents, this is a sign unconscious fears about the future there. The dreamer feels at the mercy of events and has no opportunity to act. Especially when other people are involved, it is easy to draw conclusions about the background of these unpleasant feelings.

From a psychological point of view, watercraft play a separate role. In dream interpretation, water always symbolizes feelings of the dreamer. If you move on water in a dream, you can learn something about your relationship to your emotional world.

In an autonomous vehicle such as a motorboat or dinghy, you are in control of your feelings and navigate through them independently, whereas a ferry or other large ship on which you are merely a passenger suggests that you are less aware of your feelings .

Dream symbol “vehicle” – the spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual sense, too, the vehicle in the dream points to movement and that Moving forward on your own path.

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