Fever – dream interpretation

When we have a fever, our body temperature rises above 38 degrees Celsius. The patient usually feels weak beforehand. The head hurts, the limbs ache and it seems as if all the strength has gone out of the body. Fever often presents with a feeling of cold or, in some cases, even chills.

The fight against pathogens in the body is in full swing. Our regulatory system now ensures that more heat is produced through muscle tremors and changed metabolic processes. At the same time, the blood vessels in the body contract so that no heat is lost to the outside. The resulting increased body temperature is necessary to combat pathogens. These are weakened by the increased temperatures and ideally killed without further medication.

Fever, even if it is unpleasant for the person affected, represents an important immune function of our body and can be life-saving. However, if you have a long-lasting high fever, caution is advisable and going to hospital is absolutely necessary. We will explain to you in the following article what meaning the dream symbol “fever” can have.

Dream symbol “fever” – the general interpretation

If we are plagued by fever in a dream, this may be due to an actual fever illness arise out. If people have a fever, they are often plagued by so-called fever dreams. These usually have a confusing content and allow the dreamer to wander back and forth between the dream and waking worlds again and again.

Fever also stands for in general dream interpretation awakening life forces. The dreamer should be aware of this so that he can use it for himself in a positive way.

Anyone who has a high fever in a dream, for example due to measles or smallpox, may in reality be prone to excessive ambition. However, when it comes to love and friendships, things are exactly the opposite, because stability is not one of the dreaming person’s strengths.

The dream symbol “fever” can also show the dreamer that he is spending too much time on unnecessary things Care for spends valuable time in the process.

If other people in the dream world are affected by fever, you should expect your relatives to become slightly ill in the near future. However, these are temporary in nature and should not be a cause for great distress.

Dream symbol “fever” – the psychological interpretation

The dream image “fever” embodies a chronic one in a psychological sense State of exhaustion, which is now also referred to as “burnout”. The person affected may not have been feeling well for a long time, which could also be the result of an illness. In this case, a visit to the doctor may be advisable!

In a figurative sense, fever is often a symbol of hot and strong passion Desire on a sexual level. Feeling a fever in a dream illustrates how much these feelings burn in the dreaming person. However, she finds it increasingly difficult to keep these pressing emotions under control. Sooner or later, what has been laboriously repressed for too long will come out with force and can now result in a huge explosion of emotions.

If you use a thermometer in the dream world, this strengthens the interpretation aspect and impressively shows how much the dreamer is trying to do so control about his emotional feelings.

Dream symbol “fever” – the spiritual interpretation

In transcendental dream interpretation, fever can often appear as a dream symbol when the dreamer is very strong spiritual feeling is anchored and works passionately on his intellectual development.

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