Elbe – dream interpretation

The dream symbol “Elbe” can refer to two quite different terms. On the one hand, the river “Elbe” can hide behind it, similar to the river “Rhine”. On the other hand, the dream symbol can refer to the mythical creature “Elbe”, “Elf” or “Elf”.

For a detailed dream interpretation, the interpretations of the dream symbols “river” and “mythical creatures” should also be used. Because only by including as many details as possible can the “correct” interpretation of a dream be found.

Dream symbol “Elbe” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “Elbe” symbolizes, interpreted as a river, primarily short-term difficulties or Insecurities in the life of the dreamer. The dreamer should not worry too much about this in the waking world, because he will overcome these problems quite quickly and easily. This interpretation is further supported when the dreamer sees the Elbe flowing calmly in the dream.

The river “Elbe” as a dream symbol can also refer to the world of emotions of the dreaming. He is in harmony with this in the waking world. This means that he is also aware of his longings and feelings and can express these accordingly to other people.

If the dream symbol “Elbe” refers to the mythical creature, according to the general dream interpretation, the dreamer will be referring to his animal powers brought to attention. However, he usually denies this in the waking world. Because just as the mythical creature “Elbe” does not really exist in real life and is only a product of fantasy, the dreamer tries to ignore his driving forces. He puts his reason above his desires. However, this behavior can lead to problems in the long term. The dream symbol “Elbe” therefore also calls on him to find a state of harmony here.

Dream symbol “Elbe” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees the dream symbol “Elbe” as a reference to one mental-spiritual Energy, which wants to advance the dreamer in his life and promote his abilities. He should therefore not oppose this force in his waking life, but rather accept it and let himself be driven by it. It will be to his advantage.

However, if the Elbe appears in the dream as a raging stream, the dreamer should also be careful of this spiritual energy. Sometimes it can push him forward too quickly and he may get to a point in his life too quickly that he isn’t really ready for.

Interpreted psychologically, the elf as a dream symbol can indicate that there are no generally valid principles in dreams. Because they will creativity There are no limits to the dreamer, everything is possible. In the waking world, however, rules and norms apply. That’s why the dream symbol also warns in this context to direct one’s creative ideas into regulated channels. Otherwise the dreamer will not have any success with it.

Dream symbol “Elbe” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, the dream symbol “Elbe” as a river in the dream can make it clear to the dreamer that everything in life is in flux. However, that lies within him Kraftto direct this flowing spiritual energy into specific channels.

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