Chamois – dream interpretation

The chamois – according to the new spelling chamois or chamois – is a species of goat that can be found in Asia Minor and Europe. Their preferred habitat is mainly rocky regions, high mountains and forests just before the tree line. In our country, the chamois can be found throughout the Alpine region, and many a hiker encounters the animal on the mountain pass.

The chamois also appears in many myths and legends. Because of her horns, she is usually viewed here as a demonic creature associated with the devil.

Against this background, the question arises as to how the chamois is seen in dream interpretation. Is it also an expression of a demonic message? Or is there perhaps something completely different behind such dream content?

Dream symbol “chamois” – the general interpretation

According to general dream analysis, the sight of a chamois in a dream primarily illustrates the dreamer’s longing for personal freedom. In addition, this dream image can refer to an opportunity in the waking world that the sleeping person should seize. Because this opportunity will prove to be very beneficial for him.

A jumping chamois as a dream symbol can also refer to the desire for independence. However, if many chamois jump through the dream, you receive a warning against recklessness and arrogance. The dreamer should think carefully about his actions and not act hastily or carelessly. If you watch in a dream how a chamois skilfully climbs up a rock wall, you should be aware of your own unconscious Striving for success be shown.

If the dreamer runs away from chamois in his sleep, this dream situation generally warns him of falsehood and intrigue in waking life. If insects fly around a wounded chamois in a dream, then the sleeper’s feelings in the waking world were hurt by little things. It is now important to process this and achieve inner independence. A chamois with its young animals as a dream symbol often refers to maternal characteristics.

Dream symbol “chamois” – the psychological interpretation

Within the psychological interpretation of dreams, the symbol “chamois” embodies Agility and frugality. These characteristics characterize the dreamer or he longs for them in the waking world. He should also become aware of his own adaptability. This is very helpful for him in difficult situations and problems.

A jumping chamois in a dream can draw attention to the inner child in the sleeper and also the longing for freedom and Lightheartedness symbolize. If the dreamer encounters one or more chamois on a mountain in a dream, there are difficult tasks or problems to solve in the waking world. But a suitable way will soon be found. However, if you see a chamois with an injured foot in a dream, you first have to overcome a few obstacles to find the right solution.

From a psychological point of view, the sight of a chamois at night while you sleep often carries the message to get involved in the unknown. Because only then is a professional and private one Further development possible. Anyone who sees a chamois in their dream in winter receives a clue to their own emotional world. Here you should show more adaptability and not just take your own concerns into account.

Dream symbol “chamois” – the spiritual interpretation

On the transcendent level of dream interpretation, the chamois is seen in the dream as a more spiritual Border crossers viewed. Anyone who sees it in a dream should also look for their spiritual roots.

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