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Bathing regularly is something we take for granted these days. Due to time constraints, morning showers have become widely accepted. But almost every household has a bathroom with a bathtub. Bathing means having time to relax in peace. Fragrant essences, bubble baths and nourishing bath additives – perhaps even a rubber duck – appeal to several senses at once.

Thermal baths, swimming pools, aqua parks, pools or swimming in natural waters are also popular. In deeper water you can dive, swim or just float on the surface. Many people love to slip into their bathrobe immediately after a long bath and then relax on a lounger.

If someone dreams of bathing, they probably feel the buoyancy in the water. He feels light and can drift completely relaxed. When interpreting dreams, the temperature and the cleanliness of the water are crucial, among other things.

What do the dreams about bathing that most people experience in their sleep look like? We have put together the most important dream situations for you below:

Dream symbol “bathing” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The bathtub is calling! Taking a warm bath in a dream

If the person has a good feeling while sitting in the bathtub in the dream, this dream image is often associated with inner cleansing. If the water in which the dream is splashing is clear, danger has passed. Or an insight arises. In opaque and dirty water, on the other hand, a puzzle or problem has to be solved and the way to the goal still has to be found. If the bath water is very hot, healthy people can be at risk of illness or problems at work. However, people who are already sick or very stressed can expect a speedy recovery.

Swim in the sea, in the river, in the lake. The dream analyses

The sea invites you to swim: what does the dream mean?

Seas and oceans cover most of the earth. They are rough, cold and dangerous. Swimming in the sea means a connection with Mother Nature – or a longing for it. Those who swim in the sea are not afraid of the unknown and are strong enough to withstand the waves. A new departure can also be symbolized by the endless horizon of the sea. This can mean a completely new turn in life that can only be fathomed through the dream image.

The lake and a cool swim in a dream

A lake is a source of power for the subconscious. There are almost only positive aspects associated with crawling in the lake. Especially if you sunbathe rather than go into the water during the dream experience. If the dream goes into the water, he feels like he is being watched, but this should not be viewed negatively. Only those who are observed – i.e. perceived – can make new friends. This dream image can announce new contacts.

Bathe in the river: This is what your sleeping experience means

Dreaming about taking a refreshing swim in the river at night is an emphasis on your strength and perseverance. But be careful! If you just splash around and don’t swim, you will put yourself in a dangerous situation in real life. Anyone who swims through a river in their dreams will be able to overcome difficult hurdles more easily than others and even outdo a rival.

Anyone who recognizes a particular river in their dreams, such as the Rhine, the Elbe, the Nile or the Ganges, should analyze the country in which it is found in more detail as a dream symbol.

Whether human or animal: who or what is bathing in my dreams?

Taking care of a child: Dreaming about bathing the baby

There are two ways to assess the dream of bathing a baby: On the one hand, it can express the desire to treat one’s own child or newborn with care and to strengthen the relationship with it. On the other hand, bathing the offspring – perhaps someone else’s – in the dream also hides a hint that it would be better to put a current development in life on hold. Whether this is a new possible relationship, a new job or a new habit: the subconscious expresses through the dream symbol of bathing a child that you are not yet ready for this new approach inside.

Bathe together. The dream of splashing around in public

Bathing in a public body of water with other people shows that someone has their eyes on the dreamer – they are being watched in the waking world. This may scare the person, but you should see the procedure as a first contact, which will certainly bring you new acquaintances or even confidants.

Anyone who finds the dream of bathing in public uncomfortable because of being naked (even as permitted nudism) also has feelings of shame in reality, but in a different way. In this case, you should analyze your emotions more deeply.

Bathing a cat in water – a nightmare for the animal?

Similar to a small child, your own care – here towards the animal – can be in the foreground in the dream image of “bathing a cat”. If you own a cat in the waking world and love it very much, you usually like to bathe it in your dreams. The sleep experience then indicates the connection between you and the animal.

However, a dream cat with dirty fur can be interpreted as meaning that the dirt is a symbol of a problem. This is now solved by dreaming about bathing. A wet, cleaned cat, on the other hand, represents sexual desires, although this does not mean lust, but rather the desire for intimate closeness and attention.

What do you bathe in in a dream?

Dirty water disgusts me when I dream about bathing

Regardless of whether you dream of dark, dirty water in a lake, a river or in the bathtub at night: dirty water often has a negative meaning as a dream symbol. In general, you can conclude from the opacity of the water that there are obscured circumstances for which you may be partly to blame. Murky water in a river can represent the beginning of fights with other people. If the water is not clear when swimming in a lake, you are warned that the relationship will end.

Bathing in milk – a dream like in Cleopatra’s time

It is said that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra bathed in milk in ancient times. Anyone who dreams of such a luxury bathroom will probably ask themselves why when they wake up. In dream symbolism, the connection between a bath and milk refers to an exhausting learning phase in the dreamer’s life. This is probably related to a new development or change in which one has new experiences; Processing all the new information is currently perceived as a burden.

Swimming in the rain. What does this dream mean for me?

Literally “bathing” in a dream in the pouring rain is a symbol of feelings that can finally be freely expressed. Dreamers who experience this dream symbol more often while sleeping are usually strongly guided by their emotions. However, this also has to do with the fact that you often act on your “gut” instead of thinking first. – Does that always make sense?

Dream symbol “bathing” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “bathing” embodies not only cleansing, but also letting go of old habits and attitudes. In the interpretation of dreams it raises the question of what the dreamer is as such Burden feels that he wants to part with it.

In order to understand the dream, it is important to determine what the water is like and its temperature. In dream interpretation, bathing in lukewarm water and cleansing yourself indicates problems or sorrows that can be remedied quite easily. If the dreamer feels pleasantly refreshed by the bath, the dream symbol indicates a robust one Health there. The dream is a sign that hopes and expectations will be fulfilled.

If the bath water is extremely hot, the dream symbol “bathing” predicts business disadvantages and health problems for healthy people, but it promises this for sick people speedy recovery.

In dream interpretation, a bath in cold water indicates that the dreamer will successfully defend himself against competitors and adversaries. The clearer the water in which the dreamer bathes, the more it indicates luck and salvation from certain dangers. If it is cloudy, the dream symbol “bathing” indicates fear, worries and losses.

Bathing in a river embodies endurance and in dream interpretation Strength. If the dreamer sees himself bathing in a lake whose surface is moved by waves, this is a signal that he will need all his strength to cope with the difficulties.

Dream symbol “bathing” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “bathing” expresses, on the one hand, a mental cleansing and, on the other hand, the acquisition of psychological energy. The dream offers the opportunity to relate to events and experiences from the world Past to deal with. The subconscious can reflect, evaluate and conclude the events as well as its own behavior and feelings.

In dream interpretation, splashing also embodies this mental recovery and refreshment. Especially if the dreamer feels particularly clean, beautiful or young after the bath, the dream symbol is a symbol of psychological purification.

The clarity of the water is also very important on a psychological level. If you can see through it while bathing, the dream symbol represents clarity findings. If, on the other hand, it is cloudy, this indicates in the dream interpretation opaque circumstances into which the dreamer has maneuvered himself.

Swimming in a dream in an open body of water, perhaps with a swimming cap, draws attention to the informality and independence of the dreamer. He is a personality who knows how to live consciously and draws his strength from nature. If you bathe another person in a dream, the dream symbol expresses, according to dream interpretation, the desire to care for them or to enter into an intimate relationship with them.

Anyone who uses a sponge to bathe in a dream cleanses themselves internally of people who put pressure on them. The dreamer understands which people in his environment are good and which are bad for him and his development. People who have taken advantage of those affected financially will be left behind in the future.

Dream symbol “bathing” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, water embodies the emotions of the dreamer and his need to create something new.

The dream symbol “bathing” combines the aspects sensuality and innocence. In the dream, the dreamer experiences spiritual purification and renewal.

Anyone who uses an air mattress to bathe in a dream has experienced an important symbol: the floating lounger symbolizes the absolute independence of mind, body and the spiritual power that resides within us. Anyone who can look at these aspects separately is able to reach a high level of development.

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