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People go to a bar or pub when they want to meet and chat. In such a nightclub there are drinks – the classics are beer, grain and whiskey – and there is usually music. A bartender serves the guests at the counter and serves them the drinks they want; there is often also a waitress who serves the visitors at the tables. As a rule, a bar is open in the evening and is particularly busy on weekends, for example on Saturday. Many a bar guest probably staggered home drunk early in the morning and slept off their intoxication.

The bar takes its name from the English term “bar”, which originally meant “crossbar”. Today this mainly refers to the counter where you sit with bar stools and order drinks. However, the word “bar” now also refers to the entire bar – so you can definitely go to a bar and sit at the bar.

Locations of this kind often appear as dream images. Many dream plots also take place in a modern nightclub, a rustic tavern or tavern with an old bar and wooden stools. A dive bar, a disreputable bar with dark rabble, is just as often dreamed of. You can find out what such places mean in the dream world in the following article.

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Almost everyone can report interesting experiences in bars from the waking world. But how should unconscious dream experiences in bars be interpreted and what does that mean for personal development?

Dream symbol “Bar” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Seeing or meeting a bartender – the dream analysis

Anyone who observes or meets a bartender in a dream is looking for more attention and appreciation in the waking world. This dream event often indicates a lack of recognition in professional life. If the dreamer flirts with a bartender in a dream, they often lack the self-confidence to attempt an advance in waking life.

Dream symbol “bar” – the general interpretation

Visiting a bar often carries the risk of Streit and disputes. Alcoholic drinks are often responsible for bar patrons getting into fights with one another.

The bar as a dream image also warns against too much high expenses, because the dreamer drinks too much there. For those who are newly in love, the dream image of a night bar can also herald disappointment. This is especially the case if you have a drink there.

The bar always has an important one too social component, as many people meet there to exchange ideas or get to know each other. Therefore, the dreamer’s behavior in the bar gives an important indication of his relationship with other people and his attitude to society.

Some dreamers go to a bar to look for a new relationship or to combat loneliness by meeting people. Since people’s inhibitions often weaken due to alcohol in a bar, it can also be a dream dream’s desire for exuberance and Uninhibitedness act that leads him to the dreamed bar.

If you dream in a bar, then this dream action often indicates the need for Quiet because he is trying to escape everyday life there. However, convenience can also come into play here. Anyone who stands at the counter is looking for new acquaintances and pleasures in the waking world. The sight of a drunkard in a bar can warn of bad company.

If it is a spacious and beautifully decorated bar, it will be a symbol of wealth and pleasure interpreted. In contrast, a dilapidated bar is an indication of Unsuccessfulsorrow and worries.

Dream symbol “bar” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, the bar can be a dream image warning be in front of desires. If these desires get out of control, it can quickly end in misfortune.

In general, the bar is interpreted as a place for communication and socializing. People also like to celebrate one or two successes or events with friends here. If a dream plot takes place there, then this shows up social needs of the dreamer.

For further dream interpretation, both the design of the bar and the other visitors should be taken into account. These details provide important information, for example about the environment in which the dream would like to move.

Since buildings in the dream world are often interpreted as symbols of the dreamer’s body, the bar can also be interpreted in this way. In this case, the body seems to need something to become productive again. It is important to take into account that guests only go to a bar temporarily to relax to recover and to relax.

Dream symbol “bar” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the bar is seen as a space for creativity interpreted.

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