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A badly mauled corpse, blood splatters everywhere, flashing lights and police barriers: When we see images like this in a TV crime drama, it’s clear: a crime has happened here, someone may have been beaten to death or stabbed. Strangely enough, we watch such things on television voluntarily, whereas in reality it is of course a terrible experience to see someone being stabbed, for example with a long, sharp knife. Witnessing such a murder in public is an event that can have an impact on us for a long time. Maybe you even saw the perpetrator closely or knew the victim very well, so you also suffered a personal loss.
As if all this wasn’t bad enough in the waking world, it can actually happen that in our dreams we witness someone stranger, or perhaps our own husband or wife – or even the dreamer himself – being stabbed. Then of course the shock is particularly great. Often you wake up from this nightmare bathed in sweat and ask yourself: What does it all mean? Why do I dream about someone being stabbed? Did I actually just experience being stabbed in my dream?
It is understandable that the dreaming person is very worried and plagued by fears in these moments. However, a closer look at the interpretation of the dream symbol “stabbed” teaches us to first keep calm. Take a deep breath and read here what dream research has to say about the dream image “cut off”. As a rule, there is no reason at all to worry that you or someone close to you could soon become a victim of a violent crime. But this dream image is about inner conflicts that the dreamer has previously suppressed and which he now has to face. You can find out the details here.

The most common dreams about the symbol

A real nightmare! Someone gets stabbed

Help, I dream about being stabbed!

If you dream that you are being stabbed, you should not let this dream experience unnecessarily worry you. It is not a sign of future violent crime, but rather can be an indication of possible conflict with people around you. Think about who might have a reason to argue with you. Negative thoughts and feelings slumbering in the subconscious can also be the trigger for the dream image of “being stabbed”.

My treasure is stabbed in a dream – what should I do?

If the husband or wife is stabbed in the dream, it may mean that sudden changes will occur in the dreamer’s life. Everything can be different from one day to the next, and the dreamer has to adapt to a lot of new things. You should always see this as an opportunity for a new beginning.

Someone stranger is stabbed: why this dream?

Observing in a dream how a strange man or woman becomes the victim of a violent crime because he or she is stabbed refers to the dreamer’s subconscious fears, which also burden him in the waking world, but which only emerge in the dream are expressed there in the dream symbol “stabbed”. For example, it can be about fear of losing a job, a life partner or a serious illness. In the vast majority of cases, however, these fears are unfounded. The dreamer should ask himself how he can face them openly and deal with them so that he can then live more freely and sleep more peacefully.

Dreams about the symbol “stabbed perpetrator”

Oh no, I stabbed someone in a dream!

If the dreamer experiences himself stabbing someone in a dream, this can indicate suppressed parts of his personality that he cannot live out in reality. Perhaps he is not even aware of these qualities that lie hidden inside him. A feeling of weakness or helplessness in the waking world can also be the cause of this dream. The violent act in the dream world then indicates great social and psychological pressure under which the dreamer is suffering.

Caught in action! Dreaming of catching the perpetrator stabbing

If you see a perpetrator in a dream who has just stabbed someone, this is a sign of a mental injury that the dream may have recently suffered. Maybe someone insulted him or he was very disappointed by a good friend. If you just observe the violent act, the dreamer’s soul will soon heal again. However, if the perpetrator in the dream experience subsequently targets the dreamer, the dreamer must expect a longer period of psychological suffering.

Parts of the body that are stabbed in the dream

For a precise interpretation of the dream image “stabbed”, ask yourself the question: Where is the stabbed going? Make a careful note of the affected body part.

The dreamed stab in the heart

If you are stabbed in the heart in a dream, it could mean a quarrel with your life partner. He may no longer feel comfortable in the relationship or there are things that are bothering him. It is also possible that someone wants to worry you and throw you out of your inner balance. But keep the necessary calm.

Stabbed directly in the neck: a bloody dream

However, if the knife hits you in the neck, problems in your professional life, with colleagues or superiors could be the reason for this. Maybe there are also envious people who don’t begrudge you your success. The dreaming person may need to think about changing jobs.

The stab in the stomach or chest: a true fearful dream

The dream image “stomach stabbed” or “chest stabbed” indicates unresolved conflicts that the dreamer has not yet processed. Most of the time it is other people who prevent him from getting his problems under control. The dreamer should withdraw for a while to have time for himself and to listen to his inner self.

The general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “cut off” can have very different meanings. Subliminal aggression is often processed during sleep, which has built up in reality, for example as a result of a conflict with a specific person. It is precisely this dispute that can be symbolized by the dreamed stabbing. However, if you dream that you are stabbing your own partner, the opposite interpretation of the dream comes into play: This is a sign that your relationship will improve in the future.

A fear dream about being stabbed can also indicate a lot of pressure that the dreamer is under in the waking world. Someone may be trying to control him and prevent him from living his life the way he wants. On the other hand, if you dream of stabbing someone stranger, this can indicate feelings of revenge against another person, which you live out in your sleep through the dream of stabbing.

The psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “stabbed” indicates to the dreamer a mental injury that he suffered in the waking world and has not yet processed. Likewise, the dreaming person should care more about their well-being, because a dream in which one is stabbed is always a sign of inner imbalance, restlessness and stress. If you experience in a dream that you are stabbing someone yourself, you are obviously permeated by negative feelings towards this person. Maybe you feel pressured or restricted by her. These discrepancies should definitely be clarified after waking up. The dream of being stabbed can also indicate major changes in the dreamer’s life.

The spiritual interpretation

From the spiritual perspective of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “stabbed” refers to an unprocessed event in the dreamer’s life that he or she perceives as negative or stressful. If he doesn’t deal with it in reality, it will continue to occur to him in various forms in his dreams.

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