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Catching can appear very differently in dreams. It can be a popular game among children who run away and try to grab each other. When children throw a ball to each other, they are practicing both throwing and catching. However, animals can also be caught, such as shrews, marmots, guinea fowl or partridges, or people, for example if they are on the run from the law.

Because of these different types, catching is not always easy to recognize as a dream image. Sometimes it literally disappears into the dream action and the other dream images, which are much more clearly visible.

By the way: In the original sense, hijacking a ship means catching it. So if you dreamed of a ship being attacked, you can relate the meaning of “catch” to your dream.

So that you can better understand and interpret your dream of catchingn can, in the following sections we have described the most common dream situations that are related to catching in dreams.

Dream symbol “catch” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Playing catch – a childlike dream fun

If you see children playing catch in a dream, this is an extremely positive dream symbol. It heralds a new phase of life for the dreaming person, which is likely to bring him much success and recognition. At the same time, she should also be careful not to lose her joy in life and her carefree attitude, even if stressful phases may be ahead.

Catching animals in a dream

Dreaming of catching a fish – a symbol of good luck?

If you dream of catching a fish, such as a mackerel, with your bare hands, you can be happy. This dream image signals to the dreamer that he will be rewarded for his efforts and efforts. This is especially true if he has caught a large fish, such as a pike. Catching a rather small fish while fishing suggests that the dreaming person still needs some personal and professional development before receiving a greater reward. Catching a fish in a fish trap in a dream usually reminds you of honesty in reality.

Catching a shark in a dream: a strong achievement

A shark is an animal that causes great fear in most people. That’s why in the dream world it basically represents dangerous situations that the dreamer should be careful of. However, if he manages to catch a shark, perhaps with a harpoon, this is an indication that the dreamer has finally overcome his fears and will probably successfully overcome the challenges ahead.

Stayed here! Dreaming about catching mice

In dream research, a mouse symbolizes minor problems and obstacles that could arise in the dreamer’s life. Now, if one dreams of catching a mouse, it means that the dreaming person will quickly leave these difficulties behind. If even several mice are caught, success in business can also follow.

The disgusting dream of catching the spider

Spiders evoke disgust and disgust in many people. If you dream of catching a spider, this should generally be interpreted positively. The dream experience signals to the dreamer that he has his life under control and can confidently face his enemies.

Danger averted? Catching a snake in a dream

The snake is an animal often associated with danger and disaster. If the sleeper experiences catching a – possibly poisonous – snake in a dream, he can probably overcome any negative influences that may have had an impact on him. It is also possible that the dreamer can assert himself against his opponents in a competitive situation.

The trap is sprung! Dreaming of catching a rat

If you dream of catching a rat through a rat trap or perhaps a rat catcher, this is an indication to the dreaming person that they can still fend off possible dangerous situations or conflicts. In the future, however, she should also be careful not to behave too carelessly and to avoid possible problems straight away.

Flying away is pointless – A bird was caught in the dream

Anyone who dreams of the dream symbol “catching a bird” has probably realized that they may have set unrealistic life goals for themselves. The captured bird therefore warns the dreamer against rash flights of fancy. But if the dreaming person has caught hold of the bird, which may already be sitting in a birdcage, they have already recognized this danger and are now on a safe path again.

Nocturnal: Catching a bat in a dream

The bat is a dream symbol with a rather negative connotation that represents disaster and disappointment. But if the dreamer manages to catch a bat, he can gain new hope. He may have overcome a streak of bad luck and can look forward to success.

An enchanted prince? Dreaming of catching a frog

In the dream world, a frog is basically a symbol of good luck, because after all it might turn into a prince if you kiss it. If you dream of catching a frog and thus depriving it of its freedom, the dream image turns into its opposite. There could possibly be difficulties and conflicts ahead, which can relate to both the private and professional areas.

Dream symbol “catch” – the general interpretation

If the dreamer can catch something in the dream world, then this dream image is usually interpreted positively. Something good is on the horizon. This can be one pleasant news trade or a nice surprise.

If animals are caught in a dream, then the type of animal should definitely be taken into account when interpreting the dream. From this we can derive more precisely the meaning that grasping will have for the dreamer in the waking world.

For example, if there are fish that the dreamer can catch with a fishing net, then he will have a good one Merit have and be able to make a profit. If the dreamer grabs other animals, he can at least ward off dangers or uncover intrigues that could threaten him.

If a cockchafer is caught in a dream, you can look forward to pleasant developments in the waking world. However, if one insect catches another in order to eat it, the interpretation differs: the sleeper is currently so reckless in his activities that fellow human beings could be harmed. A praying mantis that eats a prey animal signals this fact very clearly.

Catching a ball, such as a handball, generally refers to taking advantage of the opportunities that are offered to you in the course of life.

Dream symbol “catch” – the psychological interpretation

If the dreamer can catch something in the dream world, then he has it firmly in his hand. For the exact psychological interpretation of dreams, it is important to know what the dreamer is catching or at least trying to grab.

Whatever it may be, the dreamer definitely wants to have control over it and be sure that it is his control is not taken out of hand. This shows that the dreamer wants to exercise power in an area or over a person. How he wants to achieve this can be revealed by the way he packs things. Does the dream use cunning and trickery or special weapons or traps?

However, if it is the dreamer himself who is caught, this allows for different dream interpretations. It may be that the dreamer is very submissive, especially in love. On the other hand, that will too Imprisonment represented by this dream image. It can be an idea or a feeling that tells the dreamer that they are trapped in something.

Dream symbol “catch” – the spiritual interpretation

Catching is used in spiritual dream interpretation as a symbol of… To record of ideas and interprets thoughts.

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