Abortion – dream interpretation

An abortion, also known as termination of pregnancy or termination of pregnancy, is the termination of a pregnancy before the actual due date. Unlike a miscarriage, for example, an abortion of the embryo is usually desired by the pregnant woman. Even though abortions are now part of everyday medical life, the topic is often discussed in our society. So it’s not surprising that an abortion can sneak into our dreams.

But what did the dream symbol “abortion” want to tell you? Why did you see it in your dream? Were you afraid or did you feel comfortable? Reconsider your dream and pay attention to all the details. These are also important in dream analysis. Also include your feelings during the dream.

Dreaming about an abortion can have a very disturbing effect on the person concerned. However, abortion dreams are usually about certain symbolically encoded messages that need to be interpreted based on your own life situation. Take a look at the most common dreams as well as the different ways of interpreting them and find out more about this dream symbol:

Dream symbol “abortion” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Pregnancy-abortion – what is behind the dream?

Pregnancy and abortion can be closely linked in dreams. If the symbol “pregnant abortion” appears in the dream world, this tells the dreaming person that a new phase of life may be imminent, but that one is still approaching it with reservations. Here it is important to weigh up the situation carefully and make decisions accordingly. This also applies to dreams in which you get pregnant without sex and think about an abortion.

Aborting the dream baby: a sad dream

If we have a baby or child aborted by a gynecologist in our dreams, this symbolically symbolizes that there are various possibilities and opportunities in the real world, but we may not have recognized them yet. In addition, the dream in which we are pregnant and have an abortion can indicate being overwhelmed with too much responsibility.

Forced abortion – an absolute nightmare!

Anyone who experiences a forced abortion in a dream should ask themselves whether there is currently an area of ​​life in which a particularly high level of pressure is being exerted. The forced abortion may indicate that there are matters either in the personal or professional sphere that cause stress and an uneasy feeling in the sleeping person.

The aborted baby and its dream meaning

Dreams in which you see an aborted baby can turn into a real nightmare. In the worst case, even after you wake up, you can’t get the shocking images of the dead embryo out of your head. In fact, such a dream situation is said to have a warning function: the sleeper is not in harmony with himself, his life and his feelings. He should think about what path he really wants to take in his future.

An abortion clinic appears in the dream world

The abortion clinic is generally interpreted as a warning to the dreamer: he should pay more attention to his health in the coming times. At the same time, the gynecological examination in the clinic indicates healing from psychological problems that may have arisen from a separation.

Dream symbol “abortion” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, abortion is seen as a dream symbol warning understood that relates to the health condition or the life partner. The dreamer should check both carefully in the waking world. The partner may no longer be happy in the relationship and a clarifying conversation could be very helpful.

In addition, the dream can have an abortion in a dream uncertainty for certain projects. The dreamer may have embarked on a new professional or private project in the waking world and fears a setback or may now regret his decision.

Sometimes, according to general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “abortion” can also refer to the imminent Loss of the workplace or a development in the dreaming’s life that is going in the wrong direction. The dreamer should soon become clear about which path he wants to take in his waking life and then act accordingly.

Dream symbol “abortion” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, abortion as a dream symbol often symbolizes one Rejection, separation and change. If the dream is accompanied by positive feelings, breaking away from a person or object can be seen as a kind of liberation.

If the dreamer experiences the abortion in the dream with fear or regret, this can, according to the psychological dream interpretation, indicate unwanted arguments during a separation or personality problems of the dreamer. The dreamer may also long for one the change his attitude to life or belief.

In addition, abortion as a dream symbol can show the dreamer that he has not achieved the desired success in a project in the waking world. Now he wants to go back to the starting point and himself reorient.

In this context, he may have acquired a new way of thinking or behaving, which he, however, rejects deep down. The dream symbol “abortion” should now make it clear to him that he has to make a decision in the waking world about how he wants to behave in the future.

Dream symbol “abortion” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual interpretation of dreams interprets the dream symbol “abortion” as a request to the dreamer to live out what he has so far lived out Life plan to rethink, perhaps give up or at least change. He should adapt it to the current living conditions.

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