Evening clothes – dream interpretation

For special occasions and celebrations you should wear evening clothes. For men this means a suit or tuxedo and for women a cocktail or evening dress. At some events, however, the dress code is not quite as strict and neat trousers, neat shoes and a loose shirt or blouse are also permitted. On some invitation cards there is even a note about the expected evening wear in order to avoid missteps. Finally “clothes make people”.

Anyone who is invited to an evening event in the dream world should also appear there appropriately dressed. – But what happens if you suddenly see yourself in your pajamas or even naked in a dream? What if the dress is torn and all the guests are horrified? Such dreams happen often. Let’s shed some light on what these can mean:

Dream symbol “evening clothes” – the general interpretation

If the dreamer sees that he is wearing evening clothes in the dream world, then this is announced special event in the waking world. The color of the festive clothing can give a clue to the occasion of this upcoming event. Muted colors can suggest a funeral ceremony, while fresh colors indicate a happy celebration. A red dress or a jacket with numerous glittering sequins, for example, also signals that the dreamer likes to attract attention.

If other people are seen in evening clothes, then they symbolize that “Opponent” of the dreamer. This dream image shows the fear that the dreamer has that other people could overtake him on the career ladder. This is particularly the case if the dreamer is dressed completely inappropriately at this event in the dream and, for example, appears in inconspicuous casual clothing – while everyone else has come in evening clothes.

Anyone who wears a petticoat under their evening dress in a dream should be careful not to behave too vainly or arrogantly towards others in their waking life.

Dream symbol “evening clothes” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, evening clothes are a sign that the dreamer wants to make more of himself. He is driven by the desire for a career and one social advancement driven and can hardly wait.

If he is also often the center of celebrations and societies in the dream world, then this striving is particularly pronounced. The dreamer wants to rise and in the dream he already sees himself at the goal of his wishes.

The color of the evening clothes that the dreamer is wearing also provides an important clue here. If he has chosen the colors red, black or gold, then they also symbolize his strong will.

Other status symbols can underline this dream image. These include, for example, a tailcoat, a large evening gown, expensive jewelry or the uniform of high-ranking officers as well as limousines with a chauffeur. Many sparkling sequins on evening wear can also be counted here.

If the dream has chosen a suit as evening wear, the interpretation of the dream depends on the type and color of the suit. As a rule, the suit in muted colors in the dream world conveys a rigid and conservative attitude of the dreamer.

The wearer of the suit is usually trapped in old habits and therefore mentally immobile. There is no room for creativity and freedom of thought when the dreamer is in a dark suit. This dream image is often also included Claim to powerassociated with the desire for perfection, arrogance and impersonality.

Dream symbol “evening clothes” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation of dreams, clothing and evening clothes represent spiritual protection.

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