Stove – dream interpretation

We prepare our food on a stove. In earlier times, the wood fire from the stove was also used to heat the room, but due to modern electric stoves, this additional function has now been eliminated in many households.

Nevertheless, the kitchen or the stove as a household appliance is still the center of the house and social life in most families: This is where people come together to talk to each other about the day and eat meals together. Around so-called cooking islands, guests can sit directly at the hob and talk to the cook or help chop the vegetables.

A stove can have many functions. Stoves often not only have several hotplates – depending on the size of the cooking pot – but also an oven underneath. However, modern ovens are often separated from the stove and at arm height, so that there is no need to bend down to pull the roast or baked goods out of the oven. Some passionate hobby cooks swear by the gas stove, the temperature of which can be adjusted, increased or decreased very quickly. Others prefer an induction hob, which requires special pots.

If you don’t have a family and live alone, the stove offers the opportunity to turn cooking into a hobby and take time for yourself. For many people, however, the stove remains more of a means to an end, allowing them to warm up finished products from the supermarket after work, practically and without wasting much time.

Dream symbol “stove” – ​​the general interpretation

Since ancient times, the stove has been a symbol of the family, which warms and provides security, as well as the center of family life, because this is where all family members come together to exchange ideas over a shared meal. That’s why the general dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “stove” as a sign of femininity and Motherhood. The dream image also shows the desire for safety and security while sleeping: the dreamer longs for someone to be waiting for him when he comes home.

The stove in the dream is also a symbol of change, because after all, you use it to prepare ready-made, edible meals from raw food. Maybe the dreamer is currently at a crossroads in the real world and wants one change announces itself in a dream.

If the dreamer sees a stove with a smokeless fire in the dream, this can be a symbol of good things Family relationships be interpreted. It can also make it clear to the dreamer that he is very charitable in the waking world. The sight of a hearth fire in a dream shows the dreamer that he will soon have to overcome resistance in his waking life. But he will be able to do this without any major difficulties.

If the dreamer observes how the stove fire goes out in the dream, the general interpretation of the dream means that there will soon be a separation in his partnership. He may have been subconsciously aware of this for a long time. With this dream situation, this thought has now been brought into consciousness. A stove without fire in a dream means misfortune in love affairs, and it is also very likely that the dreamer will be abandoned by his partner. If the embers in the stove are rekindled using bellows, this can warn of negligence in waking life.

If the dreamer cooks on a stove in the dream, this dream situation illustrates that the dreamer is in the waking world Luck holds in his own hand. He himself can ensure that he is successful.

Dream symbol “stove” – ​​the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “stove” illustrates the desire for Security and security. On the one hand, it is about the dreamer knowing that his home is safe and that he has a place of refuge there. On the other hand, it is about the knowledge of an inner security that warms and stabilizes the dreamer.

In addition, a stove is interpreted in a dream as a symbol of change, especially from the point of view that raw food is transformed into a tasty meal on a stove. With regard to the emotional world of the dreamer, the stove symbolizes in the dream according to the psychological interpretation of dreams feelingsthat blaze brightly, glow quietly and faithfully, or have cooled down. The exact interpretation comes from the surrounding circumstances and, above all, from the fire visible in the stove.

If the fire in the stove goes out in a dream, this should be understood as an urgent warning to the dreamer that something is wrong deep down. The imminent death of a family member is also a possible interpretation here.

Dream symbol “stove” – ​​the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, the dream symbol “stove” symbolizes the Anima of the dreamer.

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