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Keys and locks are symbols that appear relatively often in our dreams. When these symbols are dreamed of, it is often in the context of unlocking something, opening a door, a padlock or something similar. Sometimes we also experience the opposite in the dream situation. So it can also happen that we lock something or someone in a dream. Maybe we ourselves are locked in by another person and can no longer leave the dreamed room.

Such dream situations allow you to draw many conclusions about your own personality and life. Dreams about being locked in therefore have a high symbolic significance. But how exactly do you interpret the dream image “enclose”? What specifically needs to be taken into account when interpreting?

Dream symbol “include” – the general interpretation

Basically, the dream symbol “include” can have different meanings. The specific message behind dreams about being locked in depends primarily on the living conditions of the person concerned. In many cases, the dreamed image shows that you have certain experiences, insights and new perspectives processed. The sleeper’s personality develops and changes from them. He matures, learns from what he experiences and comes to a new understanding.

However, sometimes the dreamed enclosure can also symbolize less positive things. Then come through the dream symbol above all Insecurities and a lack of trust in other people. Occasionally the dream situation is also considered a warning of an unhappy love relationship.

Dreams in which another person includes the affected person show possible possibilities in general dream analysis Driven on. It is advisable to take good care of yourself in the near future. This also includes taking care of your own health. Sometimes such a dream situation also leads to termination Care for at. The dream symbol “enclose” then shows that things are currently not going completely as the dreamer might have hoped.

If a castle is surrounded by troops and starved in a dream, this can be seen as a sign of refusal. The dreamer does not want to accept a change in his life in waking life.

Dream symbol “enclose” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, being locked in is often a symbol of a inner imbalance. The dreamer symbolically locks away parts of himself or certain emotions. Perhaps he believes that these aspects of his life are too stressful for him, could limit his development or are wrong.

The dream symbol “lock up” is intended to open his eyes: repression and rejection are not a long-term solution. You have to confront yourself with the subconscious problem.

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, a dream situation in which the sleeper himself is trapped refers to an external situation negative Influence. A certain situation, perhaps an interpersonal relationship, robs the dreamer of his freedom. He feels like he can no longer do what he would like to do.

Dream symbol “enclose” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dreams, the symbol “enclose” is intended to show the sleeper that doors are fundamentally open to him. There are many opportunities for him opportunities and possibilities. Now it’s just up to him to learn to use it.

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