Bathrobe – dream interpretation

Bathrobes are available in a wide variety of materials, in a variety of colors, with and without patterns. Some people habitually put on a bathrobe immediately after each shower or bath. Others only wear them before and after visits to the swimming pool or sauna. Still others put it on over their pajamas in the morning or evening to keep themselves warm or to protect themselves from prying eyes. A high-quality bathrobe can also be a piece of clothing with which you want to seduce your partner.

As diverse as a bathrobe can look and as varied as the situations in which we wear one, dreams in which a bathrobe appears can also be as diverse. Here, however, the item of clothing often has a symbolic meaning. This goes beyond the pure use of the bathrobe in the specific dream situation. But how exactly do you interpret the bathrobe as a dream symbol?

Dream symbol “bathrobe” – the general interpretation

In general, seeing a bathrobe in a dream can successes announce after hard work. If the person concerned wears the item of clothing in the dream situation and feels comfortable, the symbol can also show that they are one Pause should treat. In this case, the dreamer takes little time in his everyday life for himself and his individual needs. He should make sure to include spaces just for himself in his life in order to find peace.

According to general opinion, anyone who takes a shower or a bath in a dream and then slips into a bathrobe is happy with themselves and their life im Reinen. The person affected shapes their life in a way that corresponds to their beliefs. Even if something may have happened in reality that he didn’t like or that he was annoyed with himself, he now manages to symbolically cleanse himself of what he experienced.

A dream in which you are the only one among many people wearing a bathrobe also represents Difficulties in adapting. It is very likely that the other people in the dream are extremely elegant and well dressed. Only the person concerned is completely inappropriately dressed in his bathrobe.

The dreamed situation shows that in everyday life he often does not know exactly where his place is and what behavior is expected of him. Especially in this context, the color and texture of the bathrobe can provide more precise information about the social problems of the person concerned.

Dream symbol “bathrobe” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation approach, the bathrobe in the dream is seen as a purely sexual symbol. The specific appearance of the bathrobe can show how the person concerned feels about it sexuality and how he defines it for himself, what he wants from an erotic perspective.

In addition, the feelings in the dream should also be taken into account when interpreting. Pleasant, positive emotions indicate a balanced sex life. Unpleasant feelings or shame show that the person affected is very insecure. He quickly feels uncomfortable in front of other people, especially a sexual partner exposed. For him, physical nudity automatically goes hand in hand with psychological nudity. The same applies if in the dream you are completely inappropriately dressed in only a bathrobe in public.

According to psychoanalysts, dreams in which another person is wearing a bathrobe also represent a hint from the subconscious: someone is interested in the dreamer. The other person is looking for his closeness, perhaps even feels budding love or wants him seduce.

Dream symbol “bathrobe” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the “bathrobe” symbol is closely related to washing the body. Against this background, wearing a bathrobe symbolizes one spiritual cleansing of the ghost.

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